Biography of Stepan Menshikov - the former participant of the teleproject "Dom-2"

Biography of Stepan Menshikov
Biography of Stepan Menshikov is especially interestinghis fans, who appeared after his participation in the most scandalous reality show on Russian television called "Dom-2". It was this project that brought the boy to fame and gave a ticket to the world of show business. How many years Stepan Menshikov and what is interesting about his biography - we'll talk about this in this article.


The birthplace of one of the very first participantsTV project is Yekaterinburg. It was there that Stepan was born on May 21, 1977 (now he is 36 years old). The guy found his calling quite quickly and did not hesitate to enter the Ekaterinburg Theater Institute. From the very childhood Menshikov mixed his parents and friends, and his school years laid the foundation for his acting career.

Biography of Stepan Menshikov: on the project

The reality show "House-2" was made famous by the guy.In 2004 he came there together with fourteen other guys and began to build love and parallel the house. On the project, Stepan won the reputation of the chief Lovelace. Girls are so fast to

Stepan Menshikov, biography
impulsive and versatile guy.But the most vivid and longest relationship connected him with just three girls, and this for 5 years of being on telestroyke. Alena Vodonaeva became the first passion of the guy, and the guys even planned to play a wedding, but she was not destined to take place. Victoria Bonya also claimed the heart of Stepan, but between them over time, social inequality became more acute, and soon the couple fled. With Alexandra Kharitonova to build strong and serious relationship also failed. At the "House-2", in addition to building love, Menshikov led an active social life. With other guys he recorded songs, participated in skits, went on tour and so on. In early summer of 2013, Menshikov returned to the TV project as a "revolutionary". He, together with the other guys who came back with him, promised to show the participants how to build their love correctly.

Biography of Stepan Menshikov: after the project

After leaving the teleproject, which glorified him,the guy began to actively look for himself. I recorded an album with my own songs, I created my own website, started to run the program on one of the TV channels. Now Stepan is a famous presenter

How many years did Stepan Menshikov
various kinds of events, a toastmaster, an actor and just a cheerful guy.

Biography of Stepan Menshikov: personal life

In March 2013, a former participant in the reality showbecame a father. His cousin Evgeny Shamaev gave birth to Stepan the boy Vanya. In the near future, the couple plans to legitimize their relationship and finally play a wedding, especially since the engagement has already taken place. At the moment, Stepan Menshikov, whose biography was considered in this article, is an exemplary family man and devotes much time to his very own and close people, at the same time earning money and taking part in various television programs and shows. Menshikov himself admits that he has not yet achieved his dream (to make his own film), but is still moving forward.

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