The comedy "The Splitting of Adam": actors and roles. Actor Adam Baker

"The splitting of Adam," the actors and roles of which are described in the article, is a comedy with elements of fiction, focused primarily on children and adolescents.

cleavage of Adam's actors

Main character

The film was released in 2015.The main character is Adam Baker, an ordinary boy, like all his peers, from time to time in a depressed state, caused by a multitude of duties around the house, school and parents' morals.

Jace Norman played a major role in "SplittingAdam. " The actor was born in 2000. He is best known for his role in the series "Dangerous Henry". And, of course, the glory of the young artist brought the image of the protagonist in the film "The Splitting of Adam." Actor, by the way, acting in such a young age in this fantastic comedy, was already far from being a rookie in the movie. For the first time on the set he was in 2012. It was a small role in one of the series of the television project "Jesse". Later Baker played in the films "Terrible family", "Rufus", "Spark". Well, now it's worth telling about the film, which brought real fame to the young actor.

the actors of the film are the splitting of Adam

"The Splitting of Adam": a plot

The boy's parents decided to make himselfan erudite and successful person in the world. They spent a lot of time creating a detailed plan for Adam's studies for several years to come. Since then, the teenager does not have any free time. He not only studies at school, but also attends all kinds of developing circles, goes in for sports, dances and so on.

The boy, among other things, has time to helpoverly demanding parents around the house. Even pocket money, he does not get from his father, but earns, transporting in the morning the press and walking his neighbor's dog.

The daily schedule of a teenager would strike any adult. His sister has nice girlfriends, one of which is very like our hero, but time for communication is sorely lacking.

Once a boy gets into a strange house, wherefinds an unusual solarium. Curiosity took the hero of our history. He decided to try out the device. As a result, there was a splitting of Adam. Actor Jace Norman played a teenager, in the place of which, perhaps, any excessively busy person dreams of being. After all, twenty-four hours a day is so often not enough to implement all plans!

The boy decided to use the marvelous machineto create their own clones, and then send them to perform boring and jam-packed tasks. Now the hero has time for entertainment. Daily worries have come to the fore, and now it's time for a real, full life!

the splitting of Adam's actors and roles

Adam did not even guess what it would lead to.such a seemingly innocuous and fun idea. Clones perform boring work, and the hero lives from the heart. Is sweet freedom just an illusion? What adventures are waiting for a teenager? Will he be able to solve the problems that his counterparts will create? The answers to these questions can be obtained by watching the movie "The Splitting of Adam." The actor played wonderful. But Norman's colleagues did not stay in the background.

The actors of the film "The Splitting of Adam"

The comedies were played by Isabela Moner, Tate Chapman, SethIsaac Johnson, Amarr Merritt, Tony Cavalero, Abby Chapman, Abby Chapman and Jack Griffo, best known for the TV series "The Terrible Family". This film, though shot with humor, but the ending is still instructive. Most young spectators were satisfied with the viewing.

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