"The Captain's Daughter": a short summary of the story

At the lessons in the school, works are studiedclassical Russian literature. One of them is a story written by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, "The Captain's Daughter". The short content of this work is necessary for preparation for exams in order to recall the material that has been passed.

Pushkin's captain's daughter

"The Captain's Daughter" - a summary of the first and second chapters

The work begins with a story about the familythe main character of Peter Andreevich Grinev. Even in his childhood his father recorded for service, and at the age of 17 he went to serve in Orenburg. Spoiled since childhood and not received almost no education, Grinev on the very first day fell into an unpleasant story: having met at the tavern with captain Zurin, he got drunk and lost 100 rubles. Because of this, I fought with my uncle Savelich, who accompanied him. Then they found a snowstorm on the road, and they lost their way. The poorly clad, black-bearded peasant brought to the tent's living quarters, to whom Peter presented his hare sheepskin as a reward.

"The Captain's Daughter" - a summary of 3-5 chapters

Defined to the service of Grinev in the fortress not far awayfrom Orenburg - a quiet and peaceful place. There he became acquainted with Lieutenant Shvabrin, exiled in this wilderness for killing in a duel. They first made friends, but their relationship did not work out, and soon disagreements led to a duel on which Grinev was wounded. They quarreled over the daughter of commandant Masha Mironova. He liked Grinev, and he proposed to her. But Peter's father reacted negatively to the intention of his son to marry and threatened to transfer him to another fortress because of a duel.

"The Captain's Daughter" - a summary of Chapters 6 to 9

After that, the fortress learns about the mutiny of the runawayconvict Emelyan Pugachev. Many Cossacks crossed over to his side, and the remaining garrison of the fortress could not defend it, and Pugachev's army occupied a fortress. Masha did not have time to be taken away and hid from the priest's house. Captain

captain's daughter
Mironov, his wife and defenders of the fortressthe Pugachevites were executed. Grinev also wanted to hang, but Savelich asked Pugachev for him, recognizing him as his escort to the storm. Pugachev pardoned Grinev and dismissed him, although during the conversation Grinev promised to fight against the insurrection. In the fortress was left commandant Shvabrin, sworn to Pugachev.

"The Captain's Daughter" - a summary of 10-12 chapters

In Orenburg, Grinev receives a letter in whichit is written that the new commandant mocks Masha, keeps her locked up on bread and water, because she does not want to marry him. Peter goes to save her. On the way he meets Pugachev and tells him everything, he volunteered to help him. Although Shvabrin gave Pugachev that Masha was a captain's daughter, he let them go with Grinev and even handed him a pass. But Masha went to her parents alone. Grinev joined the Orenburg service.

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"The Captain's Daughter" - a brief summary of the last two chapters

After the end of the Pugachev uprising of the main heroaccused of betrayal and were going to be sent to penal servitude. Masha went to Petersburg and, having met the empress, she told her everything. Petra was released, and the story ends with the scene of the execution of Pugachev, he recognized Peter among the audience and nodded to him.

The summary of the story "The Captain's Daughter" is needed, mainly, for high school students, in order to refresh knowledge before the final exams and not to reread the entire work.

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