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Rockwell Norman (1894-1978) - American illustrator and artist, popular in his homeland, in the United States of America. Almost five decades he was a mirror of American culture.



Rockwell Norman was born in New York. His ancestors moved to America in search of a better life from the county of Somerset in Britain and were among the first settlers in Windsor, Connecticut.

Parents transferred a capable boy from the middleschool in art when he was fourteen years old. At the age of 15 he was famous - he painted postcards for Christmas. A variety of topics: preparation for Christmas in the kitchen, akin to the embrace of the meeting, depicting happy people and children happy - has brought a lot of popularity to the teenager.

rockwell norman
Further, Rockwell Norman studied at the NationalAcademy of Design and in the League of Art Students. At the age of 18 he already illustrated "Stories about mother nature". After that he was invited to make sketches from the life of the boys. He successfully coped and at the age of 19 became the art editor of the magazine "The Life of Boys", which was intended for Boy Scouts of America. So, drawing covers for magazines, he spent three years.

Independent work

In the twenty-one year Rockwell Norman createdown studio. Orders were not long in coming. For the weekly "Saturday Evening Magazine" he created covers for 50 years, believing that he more accurately reflects all other publications than Americans. In New York, the artist married, but the marriage was short-lived. Frustrated and depressed, he leaves for a friend in California, where he meets Mary Barstow and marries her. A young couple returns to the suburbs of New York - New Rochelle. They have three children. This is 30-40 years - the time of the most fruitful work Rockwell. In 1939, the family moved to Arlington. There in his works there will be a theme of life of a small town.

Norman Rockwell paintings
It can be, for example, an office where for writingmachines are working and an elderly man, and a young woman. Around them life is boiling, the porter enters the room with the box, someone rearranges the tables, but the couple behind the machines enthusiastically works.

World War II and later

I really wanted the artist to be drafted into the armyand to protect the world from Nazism. But the first time it was not taken - he was too lean. I had to sit on a diet that consisted of donuts and bananas. This helped only in part. He was called, but was not sent to the front line. In 1943, Norman was inspired by Roosevelt's speech, in which the President expressed four principles of universal rights: freedom from want, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the country from fear. These themes deeply affected both the citizen and the human artist by the name of Norman Rockwell. The pictures were created quickly. The artist himself considered the work "Freedom of speech" to be the best.

Norman Rockwell Artist
The canvas depicts a simple ordinary American,who is standing on the podium, and next to him is located and, importantly, listens to his well-being, judging by the clothes, the audience. The picture "Freedom from want" depicts an average American family gathered at a table in a bright clean neat room. The table is perfectly served, and it already has fruit and dessert, and the hostess is looking for a place to put a large oval dish with a turkey. In the same year, in his workshop, a fire broke out, which destroyed both paintings and historical props. Therefore, the fire divided his work into two parts. Now the artist works only with modern material, where only characters and situations that were consonant with time were represented. In 1959, his wife suddenly died of a heart attack. Grief suspended his work.

Further life and creativity

In 1961, Rockwell married for the third time. By this time he and his family live in the town of Stockbridge. Rockwell was a prolific artist. During his life he wrote more than four thousand works. This includes paintings, calendars, covers for magazines, illustrations for fiction, and advertising for Coke, and film posters, portraits and much more.

Norman Rockwell Biography
The generalized portrait of students, executed graphically, is interesting. Good clever faces of girls and boys immediately evoke sympathy for the younger generation.

President Nixon's portrait showsa statesman not in a parade and not in a family life, but on an indistinct brownish background, which, however, does not create gloom. In front of the viewer is an open-minded person who will listen to every request addressed to him.

"Matthew Brady takes pictures of Lincoln"It was created in 1975, when the artist was already approaching the end of his activity. Unfortunately, this historical topic was not successful. The image is too similar to a holiday card.

In the last years of his life he raised suchserious topics like racism. The picture "The problem with which we all live" considers the question of combining white and black children in one school. The black girl is escorted to the school by guards, and the walls are covered with racist graffiti.

Norman Rockwell is an artist whose artistry is perceived ambiguously. Most tend to believe that it is too "sweet" and sentimental and idealizes American life.


In 1977 Rockwell was awarded the Medal of Freedom. And in 1978 the artist died at the age of 84 years. Life was spent in work and ordinary household concerns, but problems with daily bread Norman Rockwell, this biography showed, did not feel, financially he was very successful.

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