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Thousands of times people of art and literaturethey told the world that all-conquering love. The skeptics are full, as well as those who believe in the miraculous power of this feeling. Another confirmation of this is given in the new picture of Jonathan Levin.

The film "The Heat of Our Bodies" - another workabout the post-apocalyptic existence of the opposing camps: hunters for the human, that is zombies, and desperately resisting and seeking to extend their days on this planet of their prey. You say: "Yes, how many can, again about the zombies!" Do not rush with hasty conclusions. This is not the product to which you have long been accustomed, and who managed to fill a fair bit of mischief. In the tape "Heat of our bodies" (reviews of film critics, incidentally, very flattering) shows more that, the other, the side, that is, the walking dead. It turns out that they can also be: suffering, sympathetic, able to remember (even if sometimes it's other people's memories that belong to the one whose brains you just had breakfast). Yes, they eat people, but that's not their fault (people after all, too, not all vegetarians), it's just a way to survive!

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There is no sadder story?

Interesting is the position of the director who was not afraidto draw some parallel with real life. It is a sin to conceal, many representatives of the human race and without any Apocalypse drag on a very miserable (in the spiritual, first of all, plan) existence, enclosing the field of their interests with several things: eat more savvy, have a simpler and safer fun, and have enough money for these unwise goods . On the development, high feelings and self-improvement in such individuals and representation there. What is a similar person so different from pulling the strap in a semi-inclusive way of life zombies? This is directly hinted by the film "Heat of our bodies." The comments of some viewers are full of reproaches: they say, how can you show absolutely unnatural relations, smelling of necrophilia (the tape shows the love story of zombie R and the girl he saved)? But this, too, perhaps just another allegory of the crafty Levin. It is not entirely correct to compare the "Twilight Saga" with the picture "The Heat of Our Bodies" (reviews that consider it that way - also not uncommon). The similarity is limited only to the fact that in both films a couple of lovers consists of a dead (after a heartbeat) guy and a live girl. Well, the creators themselves hint (on certain scenes, plot lines and names of the main actors) directly on the source: Shakespeare's story, which "is not sadder in the world".

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Good team

The undoubted success of the film is Briton Nicholas Holtin the role of R. He is not as frightening and disgusting as many of his colleagues from the once-seen zombie performances of the general public, and he is an actor as well. His unexpected fate is played by Teresa Palmer, and the main enemy and opponent is the venerable John Malkovich, also adorned with his presence "Heat of our bodies". Reviews about his work on the picture are the most positive, well, he is also a recognized master of the screen! Of the famous artists in the tape involved Dave Franco, recently rapidly progressing as a good performer. Dave is now more often recalled by his filmography, and not by the fact that he is the brother of "the same James Franco." A good acting team picked up from Levin.

Yes, love works wonders, as does the warmth of our bodies. Comments on this postulate can be different, but the essence is one: a more powerful feeling in nature, perhaps, does not exist.

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