Abstract: "The Ugly Duckling" by G. Kh. Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen, world famousDane, prose writer and poet, was truly a great storyteller. Until now, and it's been a long time since the release of his works, his creations are still loved by both children and adults. His pen belongs to many children's fairy tales, known to us from the cradle, among which are the "Snow Queen" and "Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina" and "Shadow". A vivid example and a fairy tale "Ugly Duckling". Hans Christian Andersen wrote over 170 works in verse and prose for his seventy years of life. And some researchers of his work argue that no less than 200! Many people know their summary. "The Ugly Duckling" (the fairy tale of H.H. Andersen) is no exception. Let's remember her main plot as well.

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Abstract: "The Ugly Duckling" (Andersen's Tale)

When one duck appears, hatching outeggs, ducklings, among them an ugly externally, unsightly and awkward character is found. Yes, and later, all born. For all these shortcomings, he gets the nickname of the Ugly duckling. The elderly duck, who knows everything, told the mother of the baby that he is not really a duckling either: most likely, a turkey! But our hero swam well enough, although all the inhabitants of the court constantly tried to humiliate him and offend him because of his unpretentiousness and clumsiness. Even her own mother took up arms against her own son, which seemed to her ugly. As a result, the Ugly Duckling was forced to flee from the yard to the swamp where wild geese lived.

Continuation of a story

Let's continue with the summary. The ugly duckling has experienced many adventures in the swamp. He gets acquainted with wild geese, even trying to be friends. But the hunters kill the newly found comrades, and the dog of hunters runs past the duckling. Our hero is upset: "I guess I'm so unattractive that even a dog does not want to eat me." At night, he runs from the swamp and comes to the hut, where the old woman, a cat and a chicken live. An elderly woman likes a duckling, but the chicken and cat begin to persecute. And the Ugly duckling has to return to the swamp again. So the whole winter and he lived in the reeds.

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The Magic Finale

In the spring, our hero sees on the lake swans, whichhe fell in love even earlier, without understanding for what. He tries to get to them and (about a miracle!) Sees his reflection in the water. It turns out that he too became a swan, young and beautiful. Next, the duckling joins his beautiful relatives.

This is the summary. "Ugly duckling", Andersen's fairy tale, tells that in every man lies hidden powers and inner beauty. And from the ugly duckling one day a beautiful swan can turn out, you just need to believe in your own abilities.

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