Group "Sich": the history of creation, composition and career development

The group "Sech" is a bright representativeRussian folk metal. The members of this collective advocate the revival of Slavic traditions. Would you like to receive more information about this group? We are ready to provide it.

Folk group

History of creation

Folk group "Sich" was founded in February 2008 in the capital of Udmurtia - Izhevsk. The two best friends, Alexander Strizhak (Misanthrope) and Dmitry Korolkov (Konung) joined together in a creative union.

Originally created by them material was a combination of music of black metal and pagan texts. In a short time, the first demo album was recorded under the title "In the Dark Wilderness".

Changes in composition

The group "Sech" for a long time did not receive any development. For the better, everything changed in the summer of 2009, when A. Strizhak got acquainted with Nikolai Melnikov (Bass-Viking). The guys distributed their duties and started to work. Alexander became a guitarist, and Nikolay combined singing and playing the flute. A little later they were joined by bass player Dima Korolkov. Originally planned to create a trio. But at some point the musicians realized that the main thing is not the number of participants, but their quality.

In May 2010, another guitarist came to the band- Ilya Glazman (Terrible). It would seem that now the guys can record cool tracks. But in the team quarrels began because of differences in musical preferences. Nikolai Melnikov left the group. Alexander Strizhak took the place of extreme vocalist.

November 26, 2010 in the Izhevsk rock bar "Cellar"Folk-group "Sech" gave a concert. The team presented covers for the bands "Kroda", "Chur", "Temnozor" and Eluvetie. The local audience took their performance perfectly.

Sich group

The group continued to perform at Izhevsk sites. In 2011, the new members - drummer Denis Mayshev (Shade) - joined the cast. That's not all. April 16, 2013 in the club QWERTY held a regular concert "Sich". Together with the group on the keyboard played Mandrygin Alexander.

In May 2011, due to creative differences, the guitarist Ilya left the band. However, Strizhak quickly found a replacement for him. He recruited talented solo guitarist Vova Makeyev.

Soon the group was left drummer Denis. Almost 3 months left in search of a suitable musician. And it was not until September 2011 that the new drummer Timur Yediarov appeared in the team.

Further career development

In 2011, the band "Sech" pleased fans with the release of two albums - "Wind" and "Zhito". The entire circulation of records was sold out in a couple of weeks.

The first half of 2012 the group "Sich" devoted to the creation of new material. They are tired of making covers for English-language tracks.

In February 2012, a collection ofAwakening Of The Cold Winter, released by Ural Pagan Metal Production. The record recorded folk bands from Russia and Ukraine. In this collection the group "Sech" is represented by the composition "Zhito".

In December 2012 Timur returned from the army.He immediately joined the group. Musicians from the team "Sech" went on tour to the largest cities in Russia. They happened to perform on the same stage with such artists as Wolf Rahm, Ruyan, Anabioz, Grai, Nevia and others.

Group sich story discography

In 2013, a new album of the group appeared on the market, which was named "Primal". It included 9 tracks.


Now you know what the "Sich" group is. History, discography, composition - all this is discussed in the article. We wish this team more hits and devoted fans!

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