French actress Sophie Marceau: filmography, description of films

Difficult teenager, girlfriend of the superspy, victimunhappy love, a princess - it's hard to remember in which role the spectators of Sophie Marceau never saw. The filmography of the 49-year-old star currently contains over 40 paintings belonging to different genres. Given her age, this list is likely to grow soon. Among the best films with the actress there are those that all connoisseurs of French cinema should familiarize themselves with.

Biographical information

The Frenchwoman does not belong to the number of people,who managed to enjoy a happy childhood. The girl was born in 1966 in a small village, located near Paris. Her family was constantly experiencing financial difficulties, as parents worked in low-paid positions. The situation was overshadowed by the constant scandals of mother and father with each other and with an aging daughter.

sophie marso filmography

It is surprising that it is the dysfunctionalthe situation in the family gave the world such a talented actress as Sophie Marceau. Filmography of the celebrity got the first picture primarily because she did not want to live the same dull, hard life as her parents did. Therefore, the young Frenchwoman did not think for a moment when a friend offered her a joint trip to the casting of the film, in which teenagers were invited.

Sophie Marceau: Star Filmography

Kinodiva from France is included in a fewa group of celebrities, in which fame fell in adolescence. For over 30 years, the press and fans have been discussing literally every step that the actress Sophie Marceau is making. Filmography, the biography of a star are in the center of attention of set of people with what it for a long time has reconciled.

filmography of Sofi Marso with a description of the films

The first work of the girl in the cinema, which took place in1980, brought her fame. It was the film "Boom", the main role of which out of a thousand candidates was chosen by Sophie Marceau. Filmography of the Frenchwoman began with a fascinating comedy drama in which she inherited the role of a complex teenager Vic. The heroine of the actress was so fond of the audience that it was decided to withdraw the second part. The role of Vic for many years has turned into a kind of "business card".

"Merry Easter", which appeared on the screens in 1984year, was the next successful comedy with Sophie Marceau. The filmography of the rising star was enriched with a ribbon, in which she co-starred with the famous Jean-Paul Belmondo. This is a story about Lovelace, who intends to have fun with a young lady in the absence of a spouse. However, the latter suddenly returns, which forces a man to imagine a casual acquaintance as his own daughter.

Vivid roles of the 80-90s

Filmography Sophie Marceau with a description of the films forthis period should begin with a fascinating drama "My nights are more beautiful than your days", filmed in 1989. First of all, the picture is interesting because it was she who brought the French actress to her future husband. It's about the director Zhulavsky - a talented Pole, thanks to which the star said goodbye to the bored role of a teenager. The actress and her lover were not at all embarrassed by the difference in age - 26 years.

The character of the drama, in the role of which stands Marceau,suffers from a flushed passion for a deadly person. The meaning of the picture, according to the director himself, was to remind viewers of the existence of a real feeling, which is not afraid of obstacles.

Sophie Marso

Braveheart is one of the most brilliantpaintings in which French actress Sophie Marceau could take part. Filmography increased due to the history of the English princess, who fell in love with the ringleader of the rebellious Scots.

It is impossible not to mention the role that allowed the Frenchwoman to visit the next "Bond girl". The picture "And the whole world is not enough" was released in 1999, Pierce Brosnan became a super-partner.

What else to see

Of course, not everyone listed above is listedthe paintings that "collected" Sophie Marceau filmography. "Missing in Deauville" - the tape of 2007, the main character of which is the film star, who died about 30 years ago under mysterious circumstances. Suddenly, she sees a police officer, engaged in the search for the solution of the atrocity committed in the Norman castle. It is interesting that the actress is also the director of the film.

actress sophie marso filmography biography

Of the last worthy paintings from Marceau deserves"Love with Obstacles", filmed in 2012. A romantic comedy in which a Frenchwoman plays a divorced mother of three children, suddenly became interested in a frivolous musician.

So look the most fascinating movie stories, made with the participation of Sophie Marceau.

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