Biography of Alvin Gray: features of the creative path

Our hero today is Alvin Gray. The biography, family and features of this man's creative path will be described below. The real name of the musician is Radik Mukharlyamovich Yulyakshin. But for convenience, we will call it in accordance with the pseudonym, under which he gained fame.

early years

biography of Elvin Gray
The biography of Alvin Gray began in the city of Ufa,the capital of Bashkortostan. It was there that he was born in 1989, on May 17. The future musician graduated from 48 Bashkir lyceum, which was in Ordzhonikidzevsky district, in Chernikovka. At the same time I studied at the children's music school №5. He graduated from MGOPU named Sholokhov. The Bashkir language was studied from the first grade. Thanks to this Radik easily mastered the Tatar.

The biography of Alvin Gray as a musician is closely relatedwith these languages. In particular, he began writing songs on them. Both languages ​​became native for him. Our hero since childhood was fond of music. He attended various mugs, learned to play the accordion.

A family

The biography of Alvin Gray is connected with KVN. He took an active part in this game. When the boy was 11 years old, he experienced a difficult period, because that's when his father passed away. Our hero comes from a simple family. His father was a carpenter, his mother a plasterer-painter. He also has an older sister. Her name is Regina.

After the father died, the family did not have enough money. I had to live almost on the street. From this moment our hero took over the duties of the head of the family. He helped his mother earn money from childhood. He became a student at the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University named after Sholokhov. I chose the Faculty of Psychology. The training took place in absentia. In parallel, he worked in the studio "Mon".


elvin gray biography family
Biography of Alvin Gray as a musiciandeveloping incredibly rapidly. At the age of 10, he was already in show business. His first independent project was DJ NEXT. In 2006 he released his debut solo album. A year later appeared the next record. Our hero appeared in this work as the author, performer and sound producer of his own songs.

In 2007 - 2011, Alvin toured withconcerts around the Ural region. In 2011 he moved to Moscow. I found the performer Alena Vysotskaya. Then he suggested singing a duet. She refused. Soon at the club called "Metropol" premiere of the song "This is love." In an interview, our hero noted that he went to the capital to conquer it. Soon there was a provocative clip for the song "This is love." It was shot by Ukrainian director Alexander Syutkin.

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