Irina Kupchenko's biography: she considers successful both personal, and creative life

In the leap year of 1948 on the last day of Februarythe future actress was born - Irina Kupchenko. Biography of her life began in Austria in the city of Vienna, where her father served. Since in that country the customs were simpler than in the Soviet Union, the mother of the girl was able to write down the date of her birth on March 1.

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Irina spent her childhood, like everyone elsechildren of the military. They constantly moved from one garrison to another, until they finally settled in Kiev. He considers his actress a city of his childhood.

Once she was enrolled in the Palace of Pioneersa theatrical circle and after him began to walk also into the circle of cameramen. In addition, she began to dance and already dreamed of a career as a ballerina. But can there be a biography of Irina Kupchenko connected with the stage? After all, she is a daughter of a military man and an English teacher, of course, the girl could not even think to disobey her parents.

In 1965, Irina graduated from high school and enteredUniversity at the Department of Foreign Languages. But a year later she finally became convinced that she was not in her place, and she could not continue like that. She left her studies at the university. Who knows, how would the biography of Irina Kupchenko develop in the future, if there was no series of deaths in their family. First the father died, and then the grandmother and the grandfather. Mom decided to go to relatives in Moscow, and soon after it went and Ira. Now she has the opportunity to realize her dream - she goes to the Shchukinsky Theater School.

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Irina Kupchenko's biography as a film actress beganstill in the school. Together with her classmates, she decided on the "Mosfilm" to earn extra money in the crowd. At that time, the director Konchalovsky began work on a new film and for one of the main roles he was looking for an actress with a harmonious and integral nature. This is what he saw in Irina, and she played Lisa Kalitin in the Nobility's Nest. Next followed the role of Sonya in the film "Uncle Vanya" (1970), all from the same film director. And in 1974, Konchalovsky removed the "Romance of Lovers", where Irina plays the wife of the main character. Irina Petrovna remembers her collaboration with this director with warmth, as he always knew how to work with artists: he will tell and explain and adjust and prepare.

The first major role of the actress appeared in the picture"Alien Letters" (directed by Averbukh), where she played defenseless and vulnerable teacher Vera Ivanovna. In general, in the future, the biography of Irina Kupchenko and the role of women with complex characters seem to be a single whole.

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This is the princess from the "Star of captivating happiness"(1975), and Zhenya Shevelkova from The Strange Woman (1977), and a small role in the film "Leave in September" (1979), and Beryl Stapleton in the "The Baskervilles' Dog" (1981). But she also had work in comedy films. Suffice it to recall the wizard's wife from the "Ordinary Miracle", the heroine of the comedy Ryazanov's "Old Nags."

If we talk about the theatrical career of IrinaKupchenko, this is the Vakhtangov Theater, to which she came immediately after graduation from the school. She is faithful to him for more than 30 years and forgives even that for all this time she has only ten roles. Although, perhaps, it is part-time work in her native theater that allows her to accept "outside" invitations. She collaborated with A. Zhitkin ("Free Love"), with P. Stein ("Hamlet") and so on.

A successful actress and a happy woman thinksmyself Irina Kupchenko. Biography, family, work of an actress - everything is connected with cinema and theater. For more than 30 years she has been married to Vasily Lanov, who is also an actor of the Vakhtangov Theater. They grew up two sons: Alexander and Sergey. And if we talk about the most cherished desire of Irina Petrovna, it's a bit of free time to calmly re-read the ancient Greek historians and the Iliad.

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