Cobalt color in clothes and interior

cobalt color

Blue and blue shades are extremely popular inLately. Cobalt color is no exception - it is easy to wear, it does not strain the psyche, but on the contrary, soothes. Cobalt color is associated with well-being and constancy, and is also the embodiment of nobility and luxury.

What does cobalt color look like?

So, for those who have not yet come across thisan amazing shade or for some reason overlooked its name: cobalt is a rich blue color, a dark and deep shade that can be used win-win in absolutely all styles of clothing. Unfortunately, many people are still not familiar with the names of some specific shades of colors, such as indigo, khaki, etc. So, it's not surprising if, in response to the admirable replies about the cobalt color, you will hear the question: "Cobalt color ... Is this what?"

The value of cobalt color

In contrast to red, yellow and green hues,blue and cobalt do not distract attention and do not attract attention to themselves. These cold shades do not overshadow the appearance, but emphasize its unusual features and advantages. Cobalt color is famous for its soothing effect, so it is recommended to wear it for business events. Seeing a man dressed in shades of blue, subconsciously begin to feel reliability, peace and trust - all this is the influence of blue and cobalt colors on the psyche!

cobalt color is what

Dark blue and cobalt shades are consideredbusiness, authoritative and professional, and therefore enjoy a special love from businessmen. However, the cobalt color may look informal, for example, in combination with a bright red blouse. In this case, the blue pants will look intriguing and even exciting.

Blue: unusual shades and combinations

Blue and cobalt are considered universal colors that can refresh any interior and any outfit. The number of shades of blue is simply amazing, and all the colors are unique in their own way.

  • Turquoise - A magnificent gentle and feminine shade. Perfectly fits with the color of fuchsia, as well as cream, brown and cherry.
  • Cobalt - the purest blue color, rich and bright. The best combination - lilac and cobalt color, photo dresses in these shades look incredibly stylish and boldly.
  • Ultramarine - Another kind of saturated blue. Perfectly harmonizes with golden, orange, burgundy and red.
  • An electrician - bright and even acid blue. Suitable for free style and perfectly combined with gold, silver and brown.

Cobalt color in the interior

cobalt color photo

If you believe psychologists, the blue color fits brightlyexpressed introverts, so that can be used in almost all styles of the interior. Cobalt shades can easily be entered into the living room in combination with "dusty" blue and dark orange. However, observe the measure, the cobalt shade should become a bright spot, but not the primary color of the room. No matter how tranquil the shade is, the constant surrounding with bright colors sooner or later tires.

Cobalt can be successfully combined with copper andcolor of orchids. Remember one simple rule: if you choose a complex color as the main color, then other colors should be complex shades. For this combination velvet or velor is perfect, so the room becomes warm and cozy, even in spite of the cold tones.

Another interesting combination is cobalt andgreen citrus color. This magnificent combination embodies the unity of the main forces of nature - heaven and earth. This philosophical combination can refresh the room, but do not use these shades too close, as they will begin to "fight" for attention.

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