The play "The Storm" (Ostrovsky)

His most famous work is "The Storm"Ostrovsky - at that time not yet a very well-known author - wrote in 1859. This happened on October 9, and already on the 14th he sent a manuscript to St. Petersburg (so that she passed censorship). Today its original is stored in the state Russian library.

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In the play "Storm" Ostrovsky employed a largenumber of different characters. It is interesting that each of them has its own character, even if in the whole work it says only a few phrases. The play is our cultural heritage, because it makes us think about many problems: about faithfulness, about one's own opinion, about the destructive power of gossip and much more. That's why this work is compulsory in the school curriculum. However, high school students often do not have time to read absolutely all the given books in their entirety. Then they come to the aid of a summary.

Ostrovsky, "The Thunderstorm" (in abbreviation)

Events unfold in a fictional writerthe city of Kalinove. Rather, even this is a settlement: almost everyone here knows each other. The main actors are Kabanikha (merchant's wife), her children Tikhon and Varvara, Katerina (Tikhon's wife) and Boris (the nephew of the rich merchant Dikoy).

Begins the play "The Storm" Ostrovsky from the stage, inwhich locals talk about Dick. Boris appears and says that his parents have died, so he has to live with his uncle. The latter, according to the will of the young man's grandmother, will have to give him a part of the inheritance in the case of a respectful attitude towards him. Everyone understands that Boris does not see money.

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Next, we learn about how life developsmembers of the Kabanovs family. Kabanikha is a very cruel woman: she gives beggars to beggars, at the same time everybody ate at home. Tikhon, her son is a soft-bodied, indecisive person. He suffers attacks on himself and his wife, Katerina. He would like to protect her, but he can not - he's afraid. The only person who is not under the influence of the merchant is her daughter Varvara.

Further A.N. Ostrovsky ("Storm" - a play in several acts) tells us how Tikhon is going on the road: he needs to go on business. Kabanikh begins to doubt aloud the faithfulness of Katerina, and therefore forces the son to order his wife how to behave during his departure, and the girl herself - to bow to her husband's feet. This is very insulting to him and her, but they can not say a word against.

After Tikhon's departure, Varvara sees that withCaterina is doing something wrong. During a frank conversation the girl confesses her love for Boris. Then Varvara decides to arrange for young people a night date in the gazebo. Katerina resists, but in the end, the feelings that overwhelm her make her agree.

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Young people continue to meet. Soon Katerina finds out that her husband, Tikhon, is returning. The girl is very devout, but because she does not stand up and admits both her husband and mother-in-law in treason. Kabanikha gloats. Katerina runs to Boris and asks that he take her with him to Siberia (it should be noted that at this time a storm is gathering.) He refuses, because it is really impossible. The girl, heartbroken, finds no other way than to throw herself off the cliff.

What ended Ostrovsky's play "The Storm"? People, having learned that a woman is drowning, come to the Volga. Boris, despite the prohibitions of his mother, rushes to the dead wife: he does not blame her for treason, he laments only that she left him alone and doomed to torment.

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