Why did Viktoria Bernikova enlarge her breasts and do rhinoplasty? Photo before and after surgery.

For the heroes of the famous, scandalous teleproject"House-2" plastic surgery is the most ordinary episode in life. They are popular not only in the women's bedroom, but also in the design men. Many "House-2" stars turn for help and lie under the knife to the famous plastic surgeons. The most unpredictable and bright participant of the telestructure Victoria Bernikova was no exception. Many of the stars are solved initially only by one plastic operation. Vika went further, she simultaneously made a nose plasty and increased her breasts. How did Vika decide on such a serious change in appearance, and what it cost her?

Victoria Bernikova

Why did I want to have an operation on my nose and come with a new breast?

A story with a nose, as Victoria herself explainedBernikova, began with her injury. And she "earned" it on the project. One of the former participants, staying in an inadequate state, beat Vika. As a result, the girl had a fracture of the nose, it was strongly curved, and a little later, problems with breathing began. Victoria Bernikova immediately knew that she would have to lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon, so she did not miss the opportunity to change in herself something else. With the help of nose plasty, Vick not only leveled it, but also removed the hated little hump. In addition, the star "Doma-2", in which the natural third breast size, decided to increase it to the fifth, correcting the shape and tightening the chest.

How Vika chose a doctor

Viktoria Bernikova house2

It is not possible to carry out a double operationplastic surgeon. Most often, doctors choose a narrow specialization. Someone prefers to correct the shape of the nose, someone likes to do breast augmentation operations. But Victoria was able to find a specialist who made her two operations at the same time. About this doctor the girl was told by the girlfriend who has already had time to visit at reception at it or him. Seeing the result of the transformation of his girlfriend, Victoria Bernikova decided to surgery.

As the star itself says, a crucial role was played by communication with the doctor and viewing the results of his work. It was then that she realized that the surgery was, and only this plastic surgeon.

Victoria wants to remake her breaststhe fact that she first wanted to get rid of sagging, as Vika herself says, it was noticeable. She always said that it is necessary to look all the same, because she is already 23, and the young girls are coming to the project more and more often. Doctor only supported the idea of ​​the telestroika star.

How was the operation

Operation Victoria was made on March 5, 2015. It took about two hours. Slightly more than half of this time was taken by rhinoplasty, and the rest - plastic of the breast. As the doctor Vicki says, she has a beautiful breasts by nature, but she wanted to slightly increase her size and correct the shape. Victoria's nose was very twisted due to injury, breathing through one of the nostrils was only 50%. Everything was fixed thanks to the operation. And now, as the doctor says, the nose and chest of the Wiki look beautiful and natural. And his patient is satisfied with the result of the work.

The long-awaited result

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics

As Viktoria Bernikova says, "House 2" was hersecond home, therefore, despite such a significant intervention, after 9 days, Victoria began to shoot on the television project. In this case, according to the star herself, she felt wonderful, besides, Viktoria Bernikova photo before and after plastics regularly laid out on social networks, demonstrating the result of the operation to the court of her fans.

Victoria herself says that she does notneeded painkillers, the recovery happened quickly, and very soon she returned to the usual active life. Victoria was discouraged from the operation. Most objected to the pope star. But she did it and got what she wanted.

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