Vika Tsyganova: biography of the singer and actress

It is interesting that among contemporary pop starsoften there are those who have parents in the USSR were military. Vika Tsyganova also belongs to them. Her biography began in Khabarovsk in 1963. She was born in the family of a seamen officer and head of a kindergarten. It must be said that the future star of chanson with youthful nails did not shy away from working. At the age of twelve, she already served as a nurse in the kindergarten, where her mother worked.

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Vika Tsyganova, whose biography is full of interestingturns, from childhood, she sang and studied at the music school. It must be said that basic education has always favorably distinguished professionals who started their careers in the Soviet Union. In the mid-80s Victoria became a graduate of the Far Eastern Institute of Arts (pedagogical) and received a diploma in film and theater actresses. In parallel with higher education, she perfected her vocals, practicing private lessons from well-known teachers.

Biography of Vika Tsyganova (before Zhukova's marriage)in a certain period was associated with the theater. After the institute she worked in the Jewish Chamber Theater, then in the Ivanovo Regional Theater Institute, as well as in the Youth Music Theater on the basis of the Magadan Philharmonic.

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When did you start singing Vika Tsyganova? Her biography reports that this happened in 1988, when she became the leader of the group "More". A big tour was organized, during which the singer was noticed, including her future husband Vadim Tsyganov, whose poetic muse she is to this day. They say that Vadim worships his wife and is ready for everything. Therefore, when she picked up the rarest disease - ornithosis - from the acquired parrot-amazon and was semi-paralyzed, he experienced, perhaps, the hardest moments in life. Fortunately, medical care was provided on time, and everything turned out okay.

In 1990, the Soviet Union learned that there wasa new bright singer Vika Tsyganova. Biography connects the beginning of her solo career with the album "Walk, Anarchy", which was released in 1991. The talent of the singer was so obvious that in two years Victoria conquered the capital of our homeland, performing in Moscow at the Variety Theater.

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The songs "Balalaika", "Russian Vodka", "Andreevsky"flag "," Love and Death "are the hits that people remembered as works performed by Vika Tsyganov. Biography indicates that fate brought her with interesting people and allowed to participate in a variety of events and events. For example, in 2001 she recorded a joint album with Mikhail Krug (the most famous single is "Come to my house"). And in 2002 she was invited to perform at the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

The singer and her higher education did not forget. In particular, she played a role in the film "At the corner of the Patriarch's 4". Currently, she and her husband are fond of designer activities. He has awards in the form of medals ("Military Service"), medals ("For the Revival of Russia"), received prizes ("Chanson of the Year", "Patrons of the Century" and others).

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