List of Mussorgsky's works. Vocal, operatic, piano and symphonic works of the composer

Ideas and thoughts of M.P. Mussorgsky (1839-1881), a genius self-taught composer, largely outpaced his time and paved the way for the musical art of the twentieth century. In this article, we will try to describe the list of Mussorgsky's works in the most complete way. All written by the composer, who considered himself a follower of A. S. Dargomyzhsky, but went further, differs in a deep penetration into the psychology of not only a single individual, but also the masses of the people. Like all members of the "Mighty Handful", Modest Petrovich was inspired by the national trend in his work.

list of Mussorgsky works

Vocal music

List of works of Mussorgsky works of this genre covers three types of moods:

  • Lyrical in the early writings and turning into later ones into lyric-tragic ones. The peak is the cycle "Without the Sun", created in 1874.
  • "People's pictures." These are skits and sketches from the life of the peasants (Lullaby to Eremushke, Svetik Savishna, Kalistrat, Orphan). Their culmination will be "Trepak" and "Forgotten" (cycle "Dance of Death").
  • Social satire. These include the romances "Goat", "Seminarist", "Classic", created during the 1860s of the next decade. The top is the suite "Raiok", in which the gallery of satyrs was embodied.

In the list of Mussorgsky's works, the vocal cycle "Children's" and "Songs and Dances of Death" created in his own words in 1872, in which everything is filled with tragic moods, stand separately.

Musorgian music
In the ballad "Forgotten," created on the impression ofpaintings by V. V. Vereshchagin, later destroyed by the artist, the composer and the author of the text contrasted the image of the soldier lying on the battlefield and the tender melody of the lullaby, which the peasant woman sings to his son, promising to meet with his father. But her child will never see him.

"Flea" from Goethe with brilliance and always encore performed Fedor Chaliapin.

Means of musical expression

M. Mussorgsky updated the entire musical language, taking as a basis for recitative and peasant songs. His harmonies are completely unusual. They correspond to new feelings. They are dictated by the development of experience and mood.


It is impossible not to include in the list of worksMussorgsky's his operatic work. For 42 years of his life he managed to write only three operas, but what! "Boris Godunov", "Khovanshchina" and "Sorochinskaya Fair." In them he boldly combines tragic and comic features, which recalls the works of Shakespeare. The image of the people is a fundamental principle. In this case, each character is given personal traits. Most of all the composer is worried about his native country during the turmoil and turmoil.

Mussorgsky model music works
In "Boris Godunov" the country stands on the threshold of the Troubles. It reflects the relationship of the king and the people as a single person, who is animated by one idea. The composer wrote the folk drama Khovanshchina on his own libretto. In it, the composer was interested in the Streltsy rebellion and the church split. But he did not have time to orchestrate it and died. He finished orchestration NA Rimsky-Korsakov. F. Shalyapin played the role of Dosifey in the Mariinsky Theater. There are no usual main characters in it. Society does not oppose the individual. Power is in the hands of one character or another. It recreates the episodes of the struggle of the old reactionary world against the Petrine reforms.

«Pictures at an Exhibition»

Creativity for piano is represented bycomposer in one cycle, created in 1874. "Pictures at an Exhibition" are a unique work. This is a suite of ten different types of plays. Being a virtuoso pianist, M. Mussorgsky took advantage of all the expressive possibilities of the instrument. These musical works of Mussorgsky are so bright and virtuosic that they amaze with their "orchestration" of sound. Six pieces under the general title "Walk" are written in key in B flat major. The others are in B-minor. By the way, they were often shifted for the orchestra. M. Ravel it was the best. Vocal motifs of the composer with their recitative, songwriting and recitation were organically included in this work of M. Mussorgsky.

Symphonic creativity

A number of musical works Modest Mussorgsky creates in this area. The most important is "Ivan's Night on Bald Mountain". Continuing the theme of G. Berlioz, the composer portrayed a coven of witches.

Mussorgsky's most famous works
He was the first to show Russia's evil fantasticpaintings. The main thing for him was maximum expressiveness with a minimum of funds used. Contemporaries did not understand the novelty, but accepted it for the ineptitude of the author.

In conclusion, the most famousMussorgsky's works. In principle, we have listed them almost all. These are two big operas on the historical theme: "Boris Godunov" and "Khovanshchina" are put on the best world scenes. They include vocal cycles "Without the Sun" and "Songs and Dances of Death", as well as "Pictures from the Exhibition."

An ingenious author was buried in St. Petersburgon the Tikhvin Cemetery. The Soviet government, doing redevelopment, destroyed his grave, filled the place with asphalt and made it a bus stop. So we belong to recognized world geniuses.

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