Chris Pine (Chris Pine) - biography, personal life, films with his participation

Chris Pine is one of the mostthe most popular young actors of Hollywood. He is happy to take on films of a different genre, getting far from small fees, and his career and personal life is watched by an entire army of selfless devotees.

Chris Pine: biography and general information

Chris Pine
Certainly, the biographic information of the young actor is of interest to many. Chris Pine (full name - Christopher Whitelow) was born on August 26, 1980 in the state of California, namely in Los Angeles.

Many fans believe that the actor's gameChris in the genes. And these people are not mistaken. For example, the mother of a young man, Gwynn Guildford, once often acted in small series - only later she was re-qualified and today she works as a psychotherapist. Father Chris Robert is also an actor who became famous throughout the country thanks to the role of Sergeant Joseph Getreira in the popular TV series "California Road Patrol." By the way, Chris's grandmother also had a stage career. Anna Gwynn (Margarita Gwynn Trays) was once quite popular.

And although the parents did not achieve much success inacting career, Chris decided on his profession as a child. Parents often recalled how the boy spent hours watching TV, reviewing his favorite films until he memorized all the phrases.

Chris Pine graduated from Oakwood High School, afterwhich he entered at the University of California. In 2002 the guy received a bachelor's degree in English. By the way, during the year Chris studied in the UK - at the University of Leeds he studied English and literature.

How did Chris become an actor? The first role in the series "First Aid"

As already mentioned, about the acting career of Chrishe always dreamed. Even while studying at the university, he regularly took part in theatrical productions. He often played on stage during the Williamstown Theater Festival, which is being held in Berkshire Hills. In addition, he worked from time to time in various theaters in Los Angeles.

The work of the young talented guy was noticed. At that time, the TV series "Ambulance" was quite popular. It was there that Chris Pine first appeared in 2003. The filmography of the actor began with a small role for Levin. Nevertheless, one series of the cult medical series forced critics to notice the new talent.

The first successful films with the actor

In the following, Chris Pine began to receive newproposals - at first small, and then more serious. In the same 2003, he played the episodic role of Lonnie Grande in the series "Defender". The actor also won the role of Tommy Chandler in one of the series "C.S.I .: Miami". In 2004, he starred in a short film.

girls of Crease
In the same year 2004, Chris Pine received the firststarring in the rather popular romantic comedy "The Princess Diaries: How to Become a Queen", where his partner was Anne Hathaway. Here, the actor perfectly played the young ambitious Nicholas - heir to the throne, who suddenly falls in love with the princess.

Then other films withChris Pine's participation. For example, in 2004, he starred for one of the episodes of the series "American Dreams." In 2005, he was shown on screens in a rather popular project "The client is always dead" - he got the role of young Sam. And in 2006, he appeared in front of the audience in the image of Shawn in the film "Capitulation of Dorothy".

And already in 2006 there was a comedy, where the mainrole played Chris Pine. The filmography of the actor was supplemented with the picture "Kiss on luck", where he worked together with Lindsay Lohan. Here he got the role of Jake Hardin - a guy who is haunted everywhere by failures. In the same year, he appeared on the screen in the image of Danny - an extremely sociable and intelligent teenager who suffers from blindness, but dreams of true love.

In 2007, the actor was given the opportunityshow yourself on the other hand, leaving behind the image of a romantic hero. He played a neo-Nazi punk in the criminal thriller "Trump Ace". And in 2008 he got the role of Bo Barrett in the film "Strike the bottle."

"Star Trek" and world popularity

Chris Pine Biography
In 2009, the premiere of the eleventhpart of the famous film called "Star Trek". And the actor got one of the main roles here - he appeared before the audience in the image of James Tiberius Kirk. Naturally, in the US Chris Pine at that time was quite famous and popular. But work in the "Star Trek" glorified him to the whole world.

By the way, this picture was the mostsuccessful and profitable. In addition, the film received a lot of positive feedback from well-known critics. Chris's work was highly appreciated, which raised his career to a whole new level. The picture was nominated for an Oscar in four categories at once, but won the award for best make-up.

The film "Carriers" is another popular painting with Chris

chris pine filmography
In 2009, a thrillerthe name "Media". His story tells the history of the population, which struck the deadly type of the virus. In the center of events - four teenagers who are trying to get to a safe place and wait out the period of infection.

Here Chris Pine played Brian - one of thebrothers trying to escape from a dangerous virus. The actor himself often said that the role in this film was not easy, but really worthwhile. After all, there are practically no special effects in the film, all the horror of the situation for the actors had to be demonstrated exclusively through the game.

Chris Paine's filmography

In 2010, the actor worked together with DenzelWashington on the film entitled "Unmanaged." Here he played Will Colson, a young assistant to the machinist. The tense plot tells the story of two workers who are trying to save the world from a global environmental disaster.

In 2012, Chris Pine, along with Tom Hardy and ReeseWitherspoon starred in a comic thriller called "Means War." In the same year, the actor starred in the romantic drama "People Like Us", where he played Sam. And in 2013, he again appeared on the big screen in the image of James Kirk in the twelfth film "Star Trek into the Dark."

New projects of the actor

movies with kris playne
Of course, Chris Pine continues to work actively. And in 2014 there are several films with his participation. In particular, the young actor got the role of the former Marine Jack Ryan, trying to protect the country from the Russian oligarchs in the action movie "Jack Ryan: Theory of Chaos."

He also takes part in the filming of films"Driver for the night" and "Nonsense bosses 2". At the end of December 2014, the premiere of the musical "In the Forest" is planned, where Chris will appear in the image of a beautiful prince. And in 2015, the release of the film "Z - means Zacharias" is planned.

Chris Pine: personal life

Chris Pine's personal life
To date, the famous actor is not yetconstant companion. Naturally, a young, handsome and famous person does not suffer from a lack of attention from the opposite sex. From time to time he is noticed with new passions. During his career, he met with actresses and models, not ignoring the ordinary women. Several times the relationship almost reached marriage, but still ended. Chris Pine's girls explained the gap by the complex character of the young man. But Pine's friends do not share this opinion: in the interview they repeatedly noted that Chris is a sociable and pleasant person.

Nevertheless Chris Pine's chosen one must bespecial and, of course, to share his views on life and family. After all, the ideal for the actor is his own kin. He dreams of a loving wife and, at least, three children.

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