Modulation in music is a way of giving a colorful work

Modulations are widely used when creatingmusic, and modern music is simply unthinkable without them. They give the product a certain charm, help to ensure that the listener does not get bored, but follows the further development of events.

The concept of musical modulations

Modulation in music is an example of howthe tonality changes in the same work. In this case, several of its varieties are allowed. So, in the same song, written in one key, it can be inserting a small piece into another key. Or the final transition from one tonality to another can occur. Modulation in music (examples on the guitar) is well traced in the songs of the group "Aria", in particular in the composition "1100".

The use of modulation in music

Modulation techniques can be used foremphasizing the brightness of the climax, as well as giving a certain dynamics to the development of the whole work. Also modulation in music is a peculiar way of creating an interesting song structure.

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It should be taken into account that if the modulationis used in the middle of a musical work, then it should be used very carefully, so that the listener does not feel any discomfort in the process. Here it is expedient to use connecting elements, designed to soften the transition from one tonality to another. Examples of such elements are chords and short lows.

Types of modulations

Modulation in music, the definition of which wasgiven above, can be achieved in several ways. When creating musical works, such variations of modulations as deviation or transition can be applied.

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Transition implies a final shifttonality for a new one. In this case, it occurs, as a rule, at the end of the period and is called the modulating one. Very important in this case is a modulating bundle consisting of two chords: the common and modulating.

Practical application of modulations in music

Modulation in music is a kind of tricks,giving the opportunity to change the structure of the already established musical matter. Modern music is characterized by such a feature that it can fully exist without modulation. But rock music without this technique is almost unthinkable.

Modulation in music is one of the waysthe disclosure of all the charms of the basic tonality, as well as the way to develop harmony within one integral form. If the product is large, then it should be not just rhythmic and melodic, but also harmoniously develop. This is where modulation comes to the rescue.

modulation in music examples on the guitar

Modulations take place only within one and the samesame topic. An important point in their application is that the deviation should be temporary and then the product must return to the main key.

Most often, modulation can be found, for example, in the introductory part, the conclusion, and also directly in the binding part of the musical work.
Modulation in music is the part that necessarily changes the tonal center and can be framed by cadence. It is accompanied by changes in the signs of alteration with the key.

The attitude of musicians to modulation

The opinions of professional musicians about the fact,Whether it is necessary to use modulation in creating modern music is very ambiguous. Representatives of the pop-direction are convinced that it is possible to create high-quality and interesting works without the use of modulations. But rock representatives, on the contrary, say that modulation in music is just a necessity, a way to keep the listener in tone.

There are many examples that confirm the fact,that musical modulations can sound qualitatively and organically in any musical direction. This does not make them less modern or unworthy to occupy a place of honor in the playlist.

Representatives of modern music are convinced thatModulation is best used to give your product a refined and unusual sound. At the same time they are not fixated on strict traffic patterns, as it was before, and on binding to the main key. We can say that modulation here has lost some of its basic properties.

modulation in music definition

The first to remember the original and unusualThe use of modulations for the modern listener was the band The Beatles. In their works, we can fairly accurately trace the properties characteristic of modulations, which subsequently ceased to be observed with all rigor and obligatory use.

As for the future of music modulations,prospects in their application are quite considerable. The fact that they completely disappear from use, does not seem real. After all, even pop music, which continues to assert that one can develop without changing the key in the work, still resorts to the active use of this technique to give contrasts and colors to the composition.

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