Alena Shishkova: biography of the wife of Timati

Our heroine of today is Alena Shishkova. Biography of the girl interested in the general public after she began to meet with the famous rapper Timati. The creator of "Black Star Mafia" always liked "tuned" young ladies. Do you want to know how Alena Shishkova looked before the plastics? Biography, photos and interesting facts about the model - all this you will find in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!

Alena Shishkova biography

Timati's wife Alena Shishkova: biography

The popular model was born on November 121992 in Tyumen. She was the only child of her parents. Mom and Dad did not like the soul in the little girl. They raised her like a princess, tried to buy the most beautiful toys and outfits.

Alain was always good-natured and shy. And these qualities are undoubtedly positive. As a schoolgirl, our heroine was engaged in vocals. From an early age, she dreamed of a modeling career. And her parents supported her in this endeavor.

Model career

What success has Alyona achieved in this areaShishkov? Her biography as a model began at the age of 14. It was then that the leggy blonde began to participate in various castings. The girl was invited to beauty contests. Several times she managed to win prizes. In the creative piggy bank of Alena there are such titles as "Miss Dream", "Miss Hope" and others.

A real success for the model from Tyumen came in 2012year. She participated in the contest "Miss Russia" and received the title of second vice-miss. The girl impressed the professional jury with her wit, resourcefulness and external data. Participation in this contest became for the blonde a kind of springboard in the development of a modeling career. Offers of cooperation fell on her, as if from a cornucopia.

At the contest "Miss Russia 2012" Alena noticeddirector of one of the Moscow modeling agencies - Svetlana Kuvshinova. Soon, Shishkova signed a lucrative contract with her. Russian beauty more than once went to Milan, Tokyo and Paris. Representatives of foreign agencies admired her external data.

Timati's wife Alena Shishkova biography

Personal life

A modeling career is good. But was Alena Shishkova happy like a woman? Biography indicates that the girl has always bathed in male attention. From adolescence, the boys followed her.

The first serious relationship with Alena began withgoalkeeper of Kiev "Dynamo" Maxim Koval. Their acquaintance took place thanks to the Internet. The boy and the girl corresponded for a long time. Once Maxim invited Alena to Kiev. The model refused to move to Ukraine. For several months Shishkova combined her work, studying at a Moscow university and traveling to Kiev to her lover. Soon it became known about the separation of the pair.

In early 2013, the Russian print mediaThey reported about the novel of rapper Timati and Alena Shishkova's model. And it turned out to be true. Their acquaintance occurred at the New Year's concert "Song of the Year". While Timati was performing, Alena was waiting for him behind the scenes.

Friends and friends of the rapper thought that he did not haveno serious relationship with the blonde. But soon they realized that they were wrong. In March 2014, Alena gave Timati a charming daughter Alice. The rapper was not only present at the birth of a civilian spouse, but also personally cut the umbilical cord. Only her relatives and close friends knew about the pregnancy model.

Alena Shishkova before the plastics biography

Surgical intervention

Many know that Timati likes"Tuned" girls. Among them is Alena Shishkova. The blonde has repeatedly resorted to the help of surgeons. The first thing she did was increase her lips. Then there was an operation to correct the nose. More recently, the rapper's civil wife has increased her breasts. Perhaps in the near future the girl will change something in her appearance.


Now you know about where you were born and how you became a model of Alena Shishkov. Biography the girl was examined in detail by us. We wish her good luck in her career and family life!

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