"McKenna's Gold": actors and film features

Today we will discuss the film "McKenna's Gold". Actors and roles are presented below. It's about the 1969 film, which was put on the same name by Will Henry. The plot was based on a legend.


gold machene actors
Let's discuss the plot of the film "Gold McKenna." Actors will be presented further. Events unfold in 1874 McKenna - Gedliberg Sheriff, who kills in a random skirmish of the Old Coyote (the leader of the Apache). His hero discovers a plan for the location of the legendary Golden Canyon. There, according to one version, there are countless placers of treasures. The legend says that gold was found many years ago by Apaches. It is guarded by spirits. In the treasures lies the power of Apaches. Many attempted to find this gold.

Key players

Sheriff and John Colorado are the main characters in the movie "McKenna's Gold." Actors Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Eldred Gregory Peck is an American actor. He was one of the most popular Hollywood stars of 1940-1960. The winner is "Oscar", the nomination "Best Actor". This was his work on the film "Kill a Mockingbird", where he appeared as Attikus Finch's lawyer. Peck took 12th place in the ranking of the 100 greatest actors in history. The author of the list was the American Institute of Cinematography. This actor was born in 1916, April 5, in the state of California. Comes from the family of a pharmacist. When he was only 3 years old, his mother left her father.

Omar ash-Sharif is an Egyptian actor. Known mainly for works in European and American cinema. Two-time winner of the Golden Globe, nominee for the Oscar. Born in Alexandria in 1932, on April 10th. It comes from Melkite Catholic family of Lebanon. He was a Christian. Changed religion to marry actress Faten Hamam. His father Youssef Shalhub is a Lebanese immigrant who was a forest merchant. Clara Shalhub - the mother of the actor - is of Lebanese-Syrian origin. Omar Sharif in Alexandria was trained at the College of Victoria. After that he was a student at Cairo University. Received a diploma in physics and mathematics.

Camilla Sparve played Ingu Bergeman. It's about the Swedish actress. Received the Golden Globe Award for Best Debut. So her work on the painting "Deadly Heat on the Carousel" was noted.

Other heroes

film gold makken actors and roles
Sergeant Tibbs and Hachita are two memorable characters in the film "The Gold of McKenna". Actors Telli Savalas and Ted Cassidy performed these roles. Julie Newmar appears in the story as Hesh-Ke.

Sanchez and Monkey also appear in the plot of the film "Gold McKenna." Actors Keenan Winn and Robert Phillips performed these roles.

Pepe Callahan appears in the narrative as the Lagoon.

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