"Bridge of Waterloo": a film about love and war

When the window is monotonously dripping rain or sadlyhowls a blizzard, is not it time to watch an old film about love with the participation of famous actors? Such pastime will suit everyone. Reserve a cup of hot tea and start watching the movie "Bridge of Waterloo." This film was shot at the very beginning of the Second World War, and it is not surprising that he immediately found a response in the hearts of many people.

The events of the painting take place in London. Before us is the city of 1938, the time when Nazi Germany attacked Great Britain. Roy Cronin goes to the front, he walks across the bridge and remembers his first love. It is carried away by dreams in the distant 1914, the beginning of the First World War. It is in this turbulent time that two people are acquainted: the young ballerina Myra Leicester and officer Roy Cronin, and the place of their meeting is the Waterloo Bridge.

The Waterloo Bridge

Between them flashes a real love, but, alas, their dreams are not allowed to come true. After a while Roy leaves for the front.

Initially these two could not be a couple. Roy is a handsome, handsome aristocrat. He came from a wealthy, well-bred family. Myra earned a living by dancing. She worked in the troupe of a cruel Russian ballerina. It should be noted that here the authors of the film are not cunning. Indeed, such art as ballet appeared in Europe thanks to the Russians. The movie "Waterloo Bridge" allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of those distant years, feel and feel what was on the soul of people who became participants and witnesses of a bloody war.

Film bridge Waterloo

So, Roy goes to the front, and Myra is left to waithim. She has no means of subsistence. Her friend begins to engage in prostitution to feed herself. She also helps Myra. The heroine receives news of the death of Roy. She experiences the greatest pains of conscience because she allowed her friend to fall like that because of herself. In despair, she also begins to engage in prostitution. The main drama of this film is that Roy is alive, he returns and sees the beloved, who had to endure a grave fall.

Waltz Bridge Waterloo
The film was a great success, largely thanks toThe brilliant play of actors Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. Also famous for music from the film, especially popular waltz. "Waterloo Bridge" - a film created for viewing together, recreating a romantic sad mood.

That's why he found a response in people's heartsright after the exit. Many, like the heroes of this film, were forced to part and lose their loved ones in the war. Directed by Marvin Le Roy managed to create the most successful version of the adaptation of the play Sherwood. Attempts that were made before or after, did not succeed. It is noteworthy that Vivien Lee herself prophesied the film "Waterloo Bridge" failure. This her opinion was based on the fact that Roy's role was originally written for Lawrence Olivier, and in the end she was played by Taylor. Vivienne was worried about this fact. In a letter to her husband, she reported that the film would not be successful, but she'd better concentrate on other work. But she did not know that after more than 60 years, the "Waterloo Bridge" will still excite the hearts.

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