The film "Jack Vosmerkin -" American "

In 1986, the director Evgeny Tatarsky made a filmby the work of Nikolai Smirnov - "Jack Vosmerkin -" an American. "The film reflected post-revolutionary events in Russia, and it turned out to be too bold for the mid-eighties." The thought that was the basis of the plot was then seditious. It was withdrawn, although it was published only in 1988.

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It so happened that being still a childYasha (Alexander Kuznetsov) went to live overseas. In America, he spent a decent amount of time learning to live in an unfamiliar territory, learning a local language, and becoming a full-fledged US citizen. So in this country he felt like at home. But the soul still tore back. Realizing all the instability of the current policy in Russia, until some time he postponed the return. But after the long-awaited revolution, he packed up things and went to the newly formed new state - the USSR.

American on Russian land

He was confident that he could quickly become a nativehis land. But he was seriously mistaken, because the way of life and ideals of the Soviets were completely different than that of the Americans. However, Yasha did not lose heart. He went to a local farm and began to study farming. Thanks to his perseverance and love of music, he quickly became his own. That only to instill the local population of American culture, he did not succeed, despite all his diligent efforts. But after getting to know the local girl, his usual life changed. He decided to win her heart no matter what. Will he succeed in this?

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Executive role

The cast of the director was chosen verycarefully. The central characters in the film "Jack Vosmierkin" were played exclusively by famous artists. Yevgeny Evstigneev played Admiral Katsurov. Lev Durov is the fist of Skorokhodov. Who played the main role - the role of American Jack Vosmerkin? Alexander Kuznetsov, who played this character, five years after the premiere of the film left for the United States. This role became prophetic for him.

Alexander Kuznetsov was born in 1959 in thea small town of Primorsky Krai. After receiving the matriculation certificate he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute. Not having completed his studies only a few months, already in his fifth year, Kuznetsov took the documents and went to the Schukin school. What prompted the failed aviation engineer to take such an unusual step is unknown. But, apparently, he was not mistaken. After graduating from the theater university, Alexander Kuznetsov was accepted into the troupe of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. And soon played his first role in the cinema.

The role of Jack Vosmyorkin glorified Kuznetsov onthe whole country. Nevertheless, he soon went overseas. But this act can not be called meaningless. After all, the Soviet actor went to the United States to participate in the project "Alaska Kid." In addition, abroad, he starred in the movie "Running on the ice." A few years ago, Alexander Kuznetsov returned to his homeland. Today he is engaged in teaching activities.

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From the history of the film

Let's go back to the film "Jack Vosmierkin -"American". Actors Tito Romalio, Mikhail Vaskov, Alexander Galibin, Sergei Migitsko, Alexander Susnin - they all played the characters of this American-Russian history. Approved by their director quickly enough. It's only with the actress for the role of Marousi there were difficulties.

Tatarsky pictured this heroine as a bosombeauty. But the candidate could not be found. Once in the pavilion, where samples were taken, Galina Bokashevskaya appeared. She was a fragile girl, and so the director immediately rejected it. But the young actress did not despair, immediately rushed to the dressing room, put on a few skirts and put the right cotton wool in the right place. Eventually the director approved it. The role in this film was the debut for Galina Bokashevskaya.

In the film, Marina Maltseva, Yulia Chekmaryova, Nadezhda Smirnova, Yury Galtsev, Irina Rakshina (in the role of Jack Vosmerkin's wife) also played.

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