Hoffmann "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King," a brief summary. A fairy tale is possible: one has only to believe

In German Romanticism, it is difficult to find morecontradictory artist than Hoffmann. Lawyer, composer, music critic, cartoonist, writer, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann is known for his romantic, fantastic and fantastic, often terrible stories. Hoffmann's Tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, published in 1816, is bright and festive.

gofman nutcracker and mouse king

Christmas tree

December 24, Christmas for the children of an adviserStallbaum - Marie and Fritz - it was strictly forbidden to enter the room with the Christmas tree. Fritz, when it was quite dark, saw a small man who secretly ran into the rooms, who was holding a large box. Marie clapped her hands and the children began to speculate that this time the godmother Drosselmeyer would give them. Fritz dreamed about soldiers, and Marie - about a beautiful lake with swans. But Fritz practically said that he liked the toys of his parents, because they can play in them, and the gifts of the godparent are removed to prevent their children from breaking. So begins the tale of Hoffmann. "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", whose brief content will show that the events will go completely unheededly, will be considered further by us.


In the evening for children, the doors burst open, and before them a tree shone, all hung with toys.

the content of the book The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
There were dolls, hussars and a new dress, whichMarie wanted to wear, and the horse Fritz had already jumped on. But the children were solemnly brought to the table, on which stood the castle, worn by Drosselmeier. And the children quickly became bored: the dolls kept repeating the same movements all the time. They returned to their gifts. And then Marie saw the Nutcracker, which seemed simply wonderful to her.
the contents of the Nutcracker Tale and the Mouse King of Hoffmann
His father explained to her that the little man was biting nuts. Marie began to choose the smallest, so as not to break it, but Fritz chose the strongest and largest nut - krak, and the three teeth of the Shchelkechik broke. Marie wrapped the poor fellow in a handkerchief and began cradling.
a brief retelling of the Nutcracker and the mouse king of the Hoffmann
So continues the story Hoffmann. "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" (short summary) tells about the need to be able to love and care and not offend anyone.


Before going to sleep, it was already approaching midnight, childrenThe toys were removed into a cabinet with glass doors. Fritz quickly went to bed, and Marie asked permission to stay a little longer. She neatly packed the Nutcracker into the crib and moved it to the shelf of Fritz, to the hussars. And all of a sudden a rustling and whisper began around the room. The clock came alive and struck twelve strokes deaf and hoarse. Marie was scared when she saw Drosselmeyer sitting on the watch next to the owl. And from everywhere there was a giggling, running and tramping, and from under the floor from all the cracks came out mice with luminous eyes. They were countless hordes that lined up in strict order. And at the feet of Marie, piercing the floor, a huge mouse with seven heads, on which were the golden crowns, came out. This continues the tale of Hoffmann. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (short the content we are considering) is becoming more intense in terms of the plot. Marie was very frightened, but heard behind her back the order to build a platoon.

At the command of Shchelkuchik, who was very handsome and all shone, all the dolls went into battle for victory.


All the regiments stepped forward, the gunners fired. Mice covered with dragees and gingerbread. But the mice were all advancing. Both armies fought bitterly. The mice appeared more and more new forces. The Nutcracker Army retreated to the sofa. The mouse clung to his cloak, and the mouse king jumped to him. The situation was critical. Marie got into the mouse king, throwing her shoe into it, and fainted. The Tale (Hoffmann) The Nutcracker and mouse king, "the summary is outlined here, makes you wonder what it is about?


In the morning Marie woke up in her crib, and all her stories about the great battle between puppets and mice were taken for nonsense and illness.

She was visited by the godfather and brought the Nutcracker,which he corrected, and told a fairy tale how a pretty princess was born named Pirlipat, guarded by many nannies. In honor of the birth of the princess, a banquet was organized, to which Queen Mysilda appeared without invitation and ate all the fat intended for making sausages. Drosselmeier with the help of machines promised to permanently expel Myshild from the palace. Many relatives of the mouse queen perished in them, and she promised to avenge them. Myshilde made her way to the crib of the princess and - oh, horror! - Has disfigured the beauty. Her mouth was very large, and she kept snapping nuts all the time. To restore her former appearance, it was necessary to gnaw and eat the Krakatuk nut.
Walnut Krakatuk
But before it had to be found. Drosselmeyer's nephew not only found this nut, but also cracked it, and the princess, having eaten the nucleolus, became a beauty. But the young man himself turned into a Nutcracker. Mysilda died, but she had a seven-headed son. If the Nutcracker wipes it out and a beautiful lady loves him, he will again come to a young man's hands. Book's contents "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" calls to think of many obstacles in the way of one who wants to become a person.


And the mice behaved impudently at night. They chewed on Marie's toys and books. One night the mouse king climbed onto the girl's shoulder. But the Nutcracker, with the help of Marie, obtained a saber, which destroyed the evil mouse king, and presented Marie with all his crowns. Through the doll cabinet on the fox fur coat, the Nutcracker brought Marie to the magical Land of Sweets. There was also the Candy meadow, and the Orange Creek, and the Pink Lake, through which dolphins brought Marie and the Nutcracker to the capital - Confetenburg. This is indeed a magical good story - the content of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" by Hoffmann.


Marie no one believed that she was inMarzipan Castle and seen all sorts of miracles. About the crown of the godfather said that this is his long-time gift to Marie. And then came the folding and nice nephew of the godfather, who gave Fritz a new sword, and Marie - a puncture. He confessed to Marie that he was no longer a Schellock, and invited her to go to his country. A year later, he took her to a state full of wonders and wonders.

This concludes the fairy tale and its shortretelling. "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King," Hoffmann written, asks us a lot of questions, for example, about why, as children, everyone is happy and grieved directly and where it all later disappears.

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