A few words on how to draw a train

It is believed that the ability to draw beautifully isA natural gift that is given only to the elect. Most often we call them artists or even geniuses of the brush, because they create unique masterpieces of painting in different styles and directions. However, there is another version, according to which everything can be learned, the main thing is only to know the basics of this art form and to believe in oneself. That's why now we'll look at the step-by-step instructions and, following it, will understand how to draw a train.

how to draw a train

Features of the drawn train

Comparing this model to drawing with othersit is impossible to say whether it is complex or simple. On the one hand, the train is a set of straight lines, not having any intricate features. Therefore, in comparison with the technique of drawing a portrait of a particular person, it is easy to portray it. However, these lines must be applied in the correct proportions, and most importantly - in the future. Knowing this basic condition, we proceed to how to draw a train that travels from afar, and rides past us.

Without perspective, nowhere

The first stage of the drawing is the point at whichall converge. The figure of a train traveling along rails somewhere among fields, forests or other places can be called a landscape. Children at school are taught to picture pictures in this genre in a simplified manner, since their point of descent is located on a sheet of paper. To make our image more interesting and realistic, place the point outside the sheet, for example, 20 cm to the right of the right edge of the paper, just above the horizontal axis.

how to draw a train in pencil


To understand how to draw a train with all itsdetails, you can take as a sample photo, and copy from it. First, measure the proportions of the locomotive, the number of wagons and the distance between them. Remember that the further the car, the less it is, since we all lines as a result must converge at one remote point. After you have created a sketch of the train itself, sketch out the light features of the environment. Mark the horizon line, perhaps your picture will be bushes, trees, spruce, etc.

Detailed details

Now go to the details. To know how to draw a train, you need to navigate in its structure: headlights, wheels, chimneys, reliefs on the surface of wagons, windows. Drawing these details in general, then we move a certain distance from the image, in order to check it for errors. If the locomotive looks natural and harmonious, continue on.

how to draw a train in stages

How to draw a train pencil in the details

Now you can safely navigate all existingthe lines in the figure are softer graphite. At the same time, draw in the missing details: curtains in the windows, wheel disks, inscriptions and numbering of wagons and so on. Also, make sure that there are no auxiliary lines in the image that you applied while making a sketch. All stages of the construction of the picture are wiped off, leaving only external, basic lines.

The play of light and shadows

This is almost the entire instruction, except forsome details about how to draw a train. Step by step, now we should only put on the picture of the shadow and highlight the most lighted zones. To do this, you need to imagine where the sun is shining, and in accordance with this, darken the necessary parts of your drawing.

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