Shepherd's horn - Russian folk wind instrument

The shepherd's horn can be called in different ways: "Vladimir," "Russian," "song." It is a unique musical instrument, which applies exclusively to Russian culture. Such a number of names depends on the territories. After all, the Russian lands are so unreachable that in every corner the people call the horn in their own way. Somewhere it is called a "pipe", and somewhere "pipe." The name "Vladimir" horn got after the popularity of the famous chorus in the Vladimir region.

Shepherd's Horn

What is the shepherd's horn, what is it made of?

Shepherd's horn - Russian folk winda musical instrument that is made, as a rule, from maple, birch or juniper. Moreover, they say that the shepherd's horn made of juniper is the best and most functional tool.

In the old days the horns were made of 2 parts, and then fastened with birch bark. Nowadays they are made on specialized machines for making horns.

The shepherd's horn has a conical shape in the formtube and has 5 holes for the game and another pair of holes from below and from above. The horn also includes a mouth and a mouthpiece. The size of a musical instrument can be very different. It depends on its purpose. The length varies from thirty centimeters to ninety.

what is the shepherd's horn

Varieties of the shepherd's horn

The qualities of the individual horn are directly dependent ondirectly to his appointment. There are two kinds of shepherds' horns. The first of these is called a "whistle" or "bass" and its purpose is ensemble performance. These horns have a minimum size and very low sound for ease of use. The second is called a "half-bass", and it serves for solo performance. The size of such horns should be average.

It is important to note that the musical instrument has a very strong sound, but rather soft and pleasant to perceive.

To date, ensemble and solo horns, unfortunately, are almost not used, but some orchestras introduce these instruments for national color in their speeches.

History of the Shepherd's Horn

The history of this musical instrument is notis very ancient, because the first mention of the horn was found in the XIX century. However, it is important to note that such terms as "pipe", "pipe" can mean the same as the modern horn. Perhaps the "horn" is a newer name. And this means that the roots of the origin of this musical instrument are even deeper than we suspect.

The horn is widely used and is now used by guards, soldiers and shepherds.

Horns became famous in the XIX century, after speechesthe famous carob choir, which was led by Nikolai Kondratiev. The choir existed for about forty years, gaining immense popularity among compatriots. The choir had 12 carrots, which were divided into three groups of four. Each group was responsible for its task. For example, the first group was aimed at the performance of high echoes, the second - on the main melody, and the third - on the lower sub-voices. This choir has gained immense popularity in Russia. They played in high circles. They also found their admirers abroad.

And the name "Vladimir" horn he received because the famous choir originally performed in Vladimir.

Destination of the shepherd's horn. How to play it?

The musical instrument horn can be used for different purposes and therefore distinguish several genres of horns for horns:

  • signal tunes;
  • dance;
  • dance;
  • song.

shepherd's horn

Signal horns are used for controla herd of sheep, dance or dance serve for performing dance ceremonies. And the most used and popular are song tunes for horns.

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