The horror film "Beyond the Door": reviews of critics and viewers

American-indian-British horror film "Over thatside of the door "was filmed by the famous director Johannes Roberts.The script is written in full accordance with the laws of the genre and uses such traditional themes as supernatural phenomena and communication with the world of the dead.The year of the film" Beyond the Door "- 2016. Critics' mostly ambiguous or negative.


The picture was taken by the Indian cityMumbai. The budget was about 5 million dollars. The main part of the financing was provided by American film companies. The main character was played by Hollywood actress Sarah Wayne Callis, known for her participation in the television series "Walking Dead". British director Johannes Roberts acted as the author of the script.

on the other side of the door reviews


The film begins with the background of events. Michael and Maria, an American married couple, come to India for business related to the antique business. They learn that they are waiting for their first child. Michael and Maria make an unexpected decision to settle in India for a long time.

A couple has a son, whom parents callOliver. Then in the family there is another child - a daughter named Lucy. As a result of a car accident, Oliver dies. An inconsolable mother can not recover from grief and commits suicide. Working in the home of an American family, Indian maid Piki tells Mary about the existence of an abandoned temple in which living people can communicate with the world of the dead. Hoping for the last time to talk with the deceased son, the main character goes to the specified place. Maria manages to get in touch with Oliver, but she errs during the ritual and admits the boy's ghost into the world of the living. This causes a series of tragic events. As in all the classic horror films, the main moral of this story is that one should not bother the deceased.

on the other side of the door reviews of the movie

National character

The picture can cause surprise to the audience, notfamiliar with the peculiarities of Indian culture. The film shows representatives of the ascetic religious sect, who smear their faces with ashes of cremated dead men and practice ritual cannibalism. These hermits, who worship the goddess of death, are a familiar spectacle for the Indians.

Many critics have notedpolitical correctness of the movie "On the other side of the door." Reviews of this picture often contain reproaches in the negative image of India. The dirty slums of Mumbai and the huge number of beggars begging repeatedly are shown in the movie "Beyond the Door". The responses of the indignant spectators indicate that the creators of the picture did not differ delicately in relation to the culture and religion of India and did not worry about the national pride of the inhabitants of this country.

on the other side of the door 2016 reviews


Hidden deep inside modern peoplethe ancient fear of supernatural forces is central to the story told in the film "Beyond the Door." Reviews of fans of mystical cinema about how much the director managed to touch this string in the hearts of the audience do not seem enthusiastic. Many connoisseurs of the genre call the script predictable and banal. In their opinion, the plot does not contain any unexpected twists. He simply repeats the long-known cliché stories about ghosts.

movie on the other side of the door 2016 reviews

The author did not approve of the attemptvariety in the genre, placing in the exotic setting of the distant country the main characters of the painting "Beyond the Door". Reviews of the critics' film contain skepticism about the interweaving of the script of Indian folklore and religious practices. They cause a certain curiosity, but do not make the narrative more exciting and unusual. Indian characters serve as exotic scenery against the backdrop of which the banal plot of the movie "Beyond the Door" is developing. Reviews, in 2016 published in publications devoted to novelties of cinema, unanimously give a low evaluation of the artistic merits of the picture.

Cash gathering

It should be noted commercial success of the tape "Po tuside of the door. "Comments from professional critics sometimes disagree with viewers who buy tickets at theaters, and the film has garnered more than $ 14 million in rent, and perhaps the audience appreciates any attempt to introduce something new into horror films.

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