Moldovan group Ozon: history of creation, composition and cause of decay

A few years ago, the Ozon group conqueredRussian and European charts. Surely you remember such compositions as Dragostea din tei and Despre tine. Do you want to know the history of the creation and disintegration of this collective? Now we will tell about everything.

History of creation

Ozon is a musical group that was foundedin 1999 in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). Originally it was a duet. Dan Balan and Petru Zhelihovski previously performed as part of the rock band Inferialis. One day the guys decided to launch their project. The name for the new collective was invented by Dan Balan. Ozone is fresh and clean air that forms after the rain. So the songs performed by the team are designed to give pleasant sensations to listeners.

Group ozon

In 1999, the Ozon group released the debut album Dar, unde eti, containing 11 tracks. A talented duo has gained great popularity among Moldovan youth.


Ozon - a group whose composition has changed in 2001year. Peter left the collective. Dan Balan did not close the project. He announced the casting. Soon the group was replenished by two musicians. One of them is called Radu Sirbu, and the second one is Arseniy Toderash.

In August 2002, an updated group of Ozon presented to listeners a second disc - Number one. This album brought the boys tremendous popularity in Romania.

Ozon group composition

The team acquired worldwide fame in 2004year. Then the third and last disc was recorded - Disco-Zone. It included the composition Dragostea din tei, which became a real hit. Many fans sang along to the guys from Ozon, not knowing the Romanian language. The album was among the best selling discs of 2005. Dan Balan and his colleagues did not even dream of such a success.

History of disintegration

On January 14, 2005, a group called Ozonceased to exist. The contract between Arseniy Toderash, Dan Balan and Radu Sirbu was terminated. What is the reason for this decision? There are several versions. According to one of them, Dan wanted to develop his work in the style of rock. Allegedly he was going to move to the US and start producing one of the local bands.

Now we will announce the second version. In the pocket Dan Balan sent 80% of all revenues of the group Ozon. Other participants of the collective did not like such a distribution of financial flows.

There is one more version of the collapse of the Moldovan group. Ostensibly Dan Balan went to the United States for the New Year holidays. He organized the performances of Ozon, but with completely different participants.

Arseniy and Radu did not confirm either of theserumors. They consider it the intrigues of envious persons and ill-wishers. The disintegration of the group in the circles of the team has long been known. What was needed was just an excuse for decisive action.

Continuation of career

In 2007, Romanian and Moldovan media reported that the Ozon group returns to show business. However, this news turned out to be a newspaper duck. Creative ways Radu, Arseniy and Dana long separated. The guys do not communicate with each other.

Ozon musical group

The greatest success in show business was DanBalan. To date, in his piggy bank several popular singles, including Chica Bomb, Lendo Calendo and Freedom. Ex-soloist of the Ozon group records songs in English, Romanian and Russian. For example, in 2010 Dan Balan in a duet with Vera Brezhneva performed the composition "Rose Petals". This song suited Russian listeners.

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