Khasbulat Rakhmanov: biography and creativity

Khasbulat Rakhmanov has been popular for a long timewhich went beyond the borders of the native republic of Dagestan. Since his first children's performance on the school's academic line, he is still true to the singing talent today.

early years

Khasbulat Rahmanov
Khasbulat Rakhmanov, whose biography began in1987 in the village of Buskari (Dagestan), was born in the family of an animal breeder. Childhood was held in Budennovsk in the Stavropol Territory. Parents, teachers supported the boy's love for music and singing. With the song "Russian guy" Khasbulat won the first professional victory, as a singer, at the age of 16 in the "Soldier Envelope" competition. Since then, the young man became a fan favorite and started a serious path in creativity.

Sport and creativity

Khasbulat Rakhmanov has a talent not only formusical career. Versatile from childhood, he took part in a variety of competitions, educational quizzes. And sports became for him not only a hobby, but also a profession. Martial arts such as taekwondo, aikido, led the guy to the faculty of physical education at the Budyonnovsky University of Pedagogy. In his student years Khasbulat took part in singing competitions, went to concerts outside the region. So the youth deservedly received both sports cups, and diplomas of the singer and musician.

Present and Future

Khasbulat Rakhmanov biography
Today Khasbulat Rakhmanov is known to the public alreadyas a sufficiently accomplished performer. The baggage of creativity includes not only individual songs, but also whole solo concert compositions. Popularity is accompanied by the appearance on TV and radio broadcasts with creative interviews. He was awarded with the prize of the musical-ethnic channel "9 Wave", the winner of the singing award "The Best Voice". Created clips with his participation. Khasbulat Rakhmanov is confident in his successful stage future. After all, he has not only talent, but also the will of a fighter.

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