Night club "Formula" (Gelendzhik): photos and reviews

FORMULA Club is located in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea. The attraction is a huge pool in the middle of the club.


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"Formula" (Gelendzhik) has good reviews fromvisitors to the club. And not only from local residents, but also from tourists and visitors of the city. In particular, people like a huge swimming pool, located in the open air. It performs not only a decorative function, it is also a whole dance zone in the water. Exciting contests and entertainment will not be bored, and friendly staff and responsive administration will support your mood at the proper level. The club employs professional security guards, so for personal security you can be calm. Club "Formula" (Gelendzhik) is equipped with the latest equipment, so immediately, as they say, from the threshold, visitors feel a rush of vivacity. LED displays will help to plunge into the drive of night parties. Holidaymakers often leave good wishes and good reviews in the book of complaints and suggestions. The administration of the club carefully studies the opinion of each client, which allows improving the quality of service. The first impression of the club is formed already at the sight of the huge letters of the club's name, in which semi-naked girls dance. Tourists impress the menu of cocktails that are prepared in the club. Dancing under the night southern sky has attracted fans of active recreation for many years. The best on the coast night club "Formula" (Gelendzhik). Comments can be left in the proposal book.

Location of the club

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Night club "Formula" (Gelendzhik) successfullylocated on the Black Sea coast. To the sea from the club you need to walk just twenty meters. Often after an active rest on the dance floor of the club, visitors come to the coast in order to enjoy the dawn or simply admire the reflection of the moon in the water. Anyway, this will add romance to all relationships without exception. In the immediate vicinity grow palm trees, which contribute exotic. The picturesque terrain around the club attracts fans of club life. Not for nothing many tourists make a photo. Gelendzhik "Formula" (club) is famous for the colorfulness of its interior. This is what vacationers seek to reflect on their photos in order to share their impressions with their friends in the future.

Equipment of the club

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The club "Formula" (Gelendzhik) is staffed by thethe last sound and lighting equipment. Several foam generators have been installed for foam parties. LED and neon lights allow you to arrange incredible beauty lights. A powerful acoustic system makes it possible to fully enjoy high-quality electronic music. The dance floor is equipped with an anti-slip coating to ensure the safety of visitors. In the basin there is fresh water, which has undergone multilevel purification, including ionization with silver filters. As water and the absence of pathogenic bacteria can be sure. Nightclub "Formula" (Gelendzhik) has a beautiful design, which helps to raise the mood of visitors. The bar is equipped with the latest novelties of household appliances, which allows you to fulfill orders with great speed and with 100% preservation of the quality of food and beverages. The VIP area is equipped with soft comfortable sofas and is isolated from the rest of the nightclub. In the lounge area you can relax and unwind from energetic dances.


For many years of existence the night club "Formula"has turned from a small disco to the most famous place for active recreation in the whole Gelendzhik. And because of the fact that visitors of the club in the summer season are tourists from different cities of Russia, the glory and positive feedback scattered throughout the territory of our vast country with lightning speed.

Have a successful active rest.

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