Cinema "Yugo-Zapadny" in Yekaterinburg

This cinema is part of the Premier Hall group. All that is required in order to enjoy a film premiere in its halls is. Let it be modest and simple, but tasteful ...

Meet this is the Yekaterinburg cinema "South-West"!


It opened in 2001 and immediately became very popular in its region for a number of reasons:

- good location;

- large parking with security, without payment;

- spacious rooms;

- interesting premieres;

- Affordable prices.

cinema south west екатеринбург

In the cinema "South-West" (Ekaterinburg) there are three halls: the first one for about 400 people; the second holds 224, the third - 52 people. What is the total capacity of the institution about 700 people at a time!

In the halls there are air conditioners, which allows them to maintain a well-ventilated air atmosphere. And also quite comfortable chairs, which is very important for a comfortable viewing of the film.

The huge screens and stereoscopic speakers give a sense of presence in the center of the unfolding events of the film.

Sessions of Yekaterinburg Cinema "South-West"

In view of the fact that most often this institution is visitedresidents of the local area, and this, as a rule, families with children, couples in love, youth, then the repertoire of the cinema is provided appropriate. Mostly these are romantic comedies, family films, children's films and cartoons.

The opening hours of the cinemas are from 10 am to midnight, and therefore the sessions here are only morning, afternoon and evening.

- children's films and cartoons are broadcasted at 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00;

- Family films - at 12.00, 13.00, 16.00;

- Romantic - 18.00, 20.00;

- The fighters - after 22.00.

The schedule of films is updated weekly, usually from Thursday to Wednesday.

Ticket price and bonus system

This cinema is considered the most social in value among others in Yekaterinburg. The ticket price here is from 30 to 300 rubles.

And also have nice bonuses!

- On Wednesdays for all film shows tickets at the minimum cost.

- Students, as well as pensioners, receive a discount system when buying a ticket, every day.

- If at the same time a group of schoolchildren (15 or more people) visits the cinema, then tickets cost 40-50 rubles. And for the teacher accompanying the students, the entrance is free.

- Children under 5 years old at the cinema shows 0+ free admission.

south west cinema екатеринбург sessions

And, in the network of cinemas in Yekaterinburg, there are periodic various actions and rallies!

What is on the territory of the cinema ...

As for children and adults in the cinema, in addition to watching movies, there are also some pleasant things. Namely:

- Wonderful summer terrace.

- Wonderful view from the balcony to the park named Chkalov.

- Pizzeria Verona - after watching the moviebe sure to check it out! Children will especially be pleased with the holiday pizza! And here is a real Italian paradise for lovers of this popular cuisine. Here you will find the best recipes for cooking pizzas, pastas, desserts and even dishes of European cuisine. And also in the menu drinks - delicious teas and coffee, cocktails, juices, noble wines and so on.

- Cozy bar "Austin" - where you can have a great time before or after a session together with your beloved person or a friendly company! Excellent choice of drinks, desserts.

- Kinobar in the hall of the cinema, where you can stock up on popcorn.

- Billiards.

cinema southwest екатеринбург site

Information for visitors

Cinema "Yugo-Zapadny" (Ekaterinburg) is located in the "House of Science and Technology", which is located on the street Academician Bardeen, 28.

You can get to the metro station "Geologicheskaya".

Also trolleybus №11, trams №21, 37, 42, 43, 46, 54, 76 - stop "Chkalov".

The cinema is open from 10.00 to 24.00 every day.

For those who prefer to track all news and film premieres, there is a site of the cinema "Yugo-Zapadny" (Yekaterinburg), which is the same for the whole Premier-Hall network.


Maybe this movie theater does not have a suitesformat, like many other kinosystems in the city and country, but everything is necessary and sufficient for a pleasant time of escorting with family or friends here! And also reasonable prices and excellent film premieres!

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