Casio Synthesizers: an overview of the most popular models

Today in the world of keyboard instruments you can finda lot of interesting. And synthesizers Casio are not exceptions. Here you can find quite a lot of models that are included in the basic product lines - from entry-level tools to professional workstations designed for live performances.

Casio synthesizers: general characteristics

If you understand, by and large amongkey Casio products are rarely found professional tools comparable to the capabilities of workstations such as Yamaha Motif, Korg Trinity and Triton, Roland Fantom or synthesizers Kurzweil.

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Virtually all series and basic rulerssuggest a kind of teaching instrumental synthesizer Casio. Reviews say exactly about this. In fact, with rare exceptions, almost all instruments are more reminiscent of Yamaha's products in terms of tools in which auto accompaniment is assumed. However, a child, a beginner musician, and a professional can always find in a wide range of something interesting, based on their needs.

CTK Series

One of the widest key instruments Casio are models of the CTK series, which includes both entry-level synthesizers and more advanced models.

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So, for example, one of the simplest "toys"you can call the synthesizer Casio CTK-240 or some subsequent modifications. There is a minimal set of functions with a hundred timbres and several types of accompaniment variations. Such a tool will allow a beginning musician or child, say, to learn some simple melody or listen to how the arrangement should sound.

Minus, which in this case has synthesizers Casio of this line, is incomplete keyboard, which is also not full weighted.

The models are slightly more powerful (for example, 2200, 2400,3200) has the same functional set, but you can split the keyboard, try the sampling function (record a few short pieces and combine them), and record from the microphone.

In the 4000 series and its further modificationsit became possible to control some parameters related to style editing (disable a certain part, replace the sounding instrument with another, replace the used effects, save the settings in the registration memory, etc.).

In the 6000 series and above, editing is performed using the built-in 16-channel mixer. There is also a sequencer in which you can create your own song.

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In the modification of the 7200, you can find even morefeatures and settings. To register the user settings, 8 memory slots are allocated here. In the model itself there are more sounds and effects, the actual recorded parts can be converted to WAV format and saved to a memory card (SD or SDHC), use the synthesizer itself as a DSP effect processor, for example, to process vocals and much more.

Separately, it should be said that in almost all more powerful models there is a full-weight piano keyboard. In this case, you can find modifications with 61 or 88 keys.

WK Series

Synthesizers Casio WK or LK, in fact, from the seriesCTK does not differ much in any way. This is understandable, because both lines were designed to give the musician access to the built-in training system, as well as to use the same auto accompaniment.

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Again, you can meet here and the mostunpretentious models such as WK-220, and powerful enough tools with wide capabilities like WK-7600. What you should pay attention to is a wide variety of settings for effects and arpeggiator.

As in all other models, here too it is possibleuse, for example, a USB interface to connect to external hosts or computer virtual studios such as Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, etc.

Workstations and digital pianos

Casio synthesizers look no less interesting in terms of professional instruments. One of the most popular in the world is the so-called digital piano Casio PX3-BK.

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This tool is created explicitly for professionals. It has a full-weight piano keyboard (88 keys) and many sound settings (the same equalizer). Separately, it should be said that in addition to splitting the keyboard, you can use special features to overlay layers of sounds for each divided register (2 for each). There are also some synthesizer functions such as adjusting the level of attack or signal drop, filtering, vibrato, etc.

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There is another interesting type of tool. These are two versions of Casio XW-P1 and Casio XW-G1. As their testing shows, the difference between them is insignificant, but they are meant exclusively for live performances, thanks to the huge number of "twists" that allow you to change the timbre of the sound or some of its parameters beyond recognition.

It seems that such a tool is useful, rather,modern DJ. And if you use it together with a sampler ("iron" or virtual type Kontakt or Machine from Native Instruments), you can squeeze out of it much more than the factory settings and capabilities assume.

Price list

Now, probably, it is worth thinking about what kind ofchoose the synthesizers Casio. Prices and their dispersion have a fairly wide range. So, for example, the simplest models cost around $ 100, well, for more heaped up, you'll have to give $ 500 or more.

However, first you need to decide for which purposes the instrument is bought, and only then make the final choice.

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