Evgenia Vlasova: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Evgenia Vlasova is. Her biography will be examined in detail later. It's about a Ukrainian singer. She is the former wife of Dmitry Kostyuk. Participant of the show called "People's Star". She also works as a model.


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Evgenia Vlasova was born in 1978, on April 8, in theKiev. Her mother was an actress. The father of the future artist sang Levka Revutskiy in the Capella. He left the family, leaving his wife and little daughter. Our heroine was one year old then. Soon the future singer had a stepfather. A few years later a brother was born, he was named Peter. Evgeniya Vlasova from early childhood was carried away by singing and music. She attended secretly from her mother a children's choir called "Sunny." There she became a soloist. She graduated from school, entered the music school named after Gliere.


Evgenia Vlasova already while studying at the firstcourse took part in competitions, and also sang in a club called "Hollywood". Even then our heroine contained a family - mother and brother. Father and stepfather did not help them. In 2000, I met with Dmitry Kostyuk. He offered the actress his services as a producer. They recorded a number of songs together. However, our heroine mainly had to work herself. Began actively recording songs and shooting clips. The actress gained fame. Her songs began to sound in other countries, in particular in Russia. By the middle of the zero years the singer has released several clips. Among them, we should mention the remake of the song "Limbo" by Valery Meladze, which was recorded together with Andrew Donalds.

Personal life

eugene vlasova biography

Evgenia Vlasova married producer DmitryKostuk. In the summer of 2004, the couple had a daughter. It was called Nina. According to the actress herself, the main reason for marriage was pregnancy. At the same time, she admits that she loved her husband and even decided to leave the stage for the sake of the family. The couple broke up shortly after the birth of their daughter. According to the singer, the cause of the divorce was the betrayal of her husband.

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