Victoria Bonya: height, weight and biography of the star

Victoria Bonya is a popular TV and radio presenter,actress, was born on November 27, 1979 in the city of Krasnokamensk, which is not far from Chita. Father Vicky is a miner, his mother is a housewife. When the girl turned 16, she went to Moscow together with her mother. The Russian capital does not favor ambitious girls, hundreds coming from Siberia and other remote regions. Victoria had to work as a waitress in a cafe, then she got a job as a secretary in a small firm. In her spare time, the girl went to casting agencies, trying to attract the attention of Moscow show-businessmen. Victoria Bonya, whose height, weight and other data corresponded to model standards, could well expect success.

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First successes

Model appearance of Victoria in the enddid her job, and she was noticed. In 2001, Victoria Bonya, whose height, weight and personal charm helped her qualify, took part in the Miss Earth contest, which was held in the Philippines. The contest was for the girl a voucher to the world of glossy magazines. And although Vika did not reach the final, she was able to continue participating in such contests. Right after the contest, Victoria Bonya, whose biography, growth, weight and other data were the best suited for achieving her goals, entered the Higher School of Film and Television "Ostankino", which she successfully graduated in 2004. For some time Vika lived in the US, where she tried to establish her own business. She succeeded to some extent, but in 2005 she returned to Russia. In May 2006, Bonya was admitted to the reality show "House 2", which was until April next year, becoming one of the most popular participants.

Victoria Bonya biography height weight

Career development

Then Victoria Bonya, height, weight, shape parameterswhich was close to perfection, fell into the field of view of the magazine "TimeOut Moscow" and as a result was one of the first in the list of "50 Most Beautiful People of Moscow". And at the end of September 2007, she became the leading television program "Cosmopolitan." Video version, which appears on the channel "TNT." At the same time Victoria Bonya, whose height, weight and slim waist made an indelible impression on the editors of popular publications, starred for Penthouse magazine in the Russian version, and in December 2007 she took the prestigious position on the cover of Maxim magazine. After that, the career model of Victoria Boni went up steeply. March 2008 was for Vicki the month of active participation in the Moscow "Fashion Week", where she represented the work of Antonina Shapovalova, a famous Russian fashion designer, in the "Russian Matryoshka" fashion show. In the summer of the same year, Bonya took part in a photo shoot for the American concern Goodyear. In the same 2008, Victoria Bonya, whose height, weight and femininity once again fascinated the Moscow clipmakers, appeared in the clip of the famous rapper Timati under the symbolic title "Do not go crazy." Then there were shooting in the video of Dima Bilan called "Lady".

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Film projects

Soon Vika began acting in the cinema, her debutbecame a small supporting role in the film directed by Maxim Voronkov "All the charm of love", 2009. Bonya was in a starry environment, she met Elena Proklova, Anfisa Chekhova, Lena Kondulaynen, Alika Smekhova. She even managed to make friends with the legendary Boris Grachevsky (the creator of "Yeralash"), who also participated in the filming of the picture.

2010 started for Victoria from filming in the videoRussian rocker GeKap, in which she played a small but very colorful role of bitch. The clip was called "You're so". Then Bonya participated in the creation of the series "Univer", she was among the invited celebrities who performed in the series those or other roles that do not require acting. Victoria got the role of Polina Romanova, the mistress of one of the characters, Sylvester Sergeyev.

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Clips and Sports

At the end of 2010, the actress had to change her placemain work, since the program "Cosmopolitan. Video version" ceased to exist. Vika became the leading project "Love-car" on MTV. Simultaneously with her main work, the actress participated in various photo sessions. In 2011, Bonya starred in the video MakSim under the title "How to fly" and in the video "I'm coming home" to Mitya Fomin.

I never concealed my parameters Victoria Bonya(Height Weight). The year 2013 was marked by participation in the sports project "Vyshka" on the First Channel, at the time of filming the parameters were respectively 169 cm and 52 kg. Currently, the actress is working on the production of a new television program "Beauty to order" for women. The movie is not temporarily removed due to lack of time.

Personal life

The personal life of the model and actress Victoria Bonilimited to a civil marriage with Alex Smerfit, the son of Irish millionaire Sir Smurfit Michael. March 17, 2012, the couple's daughter Angelina Letizia was born. Victoria's husband lives in Monaco and deals with his father's affairs in the nearby regions of Italy, France and Germany. Smurfita produces corrugated packaging materials. Smurfit senior is categorically against Alex's marriage to Victoria.

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