Sirena group: features of the collective

In April 2015, the brand Like Music launchedA new project, which, according to the producers, will soon become the new "VIA Grays." Recruitment in the group "Sirens" was a real event among the beginning soloists. The casting came a large number of girls who dreamed of becoming popular. Now the composition of the group is approved, work is being done on the debut album. Girls are already actively performing at different events.

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How was the selection of candidates?

A large number of applications were personally reviewedthe producers of the band are Stepan Razin and Sergei Kharin. Candidates who had suitable data were invited to take part in competitive tests. The Sirena group is conceived as a completely new project, where the main emphasis is on the voices of the participants. However, it was very difficult to find worthy pretenders. The office of the production company worked almost uninterruptedly: thousands of calls were recorded, letters that came to the e-mail were viewed. Initially, the producers planned in May 2015 to begin work on the project. But the group "Sirens" was formed for a very long time. It was difficult to find applicants who had good choreographic data, pleasant appearance and strong vocals. The difficulty was that the selection took into account the nature of the girl.

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Scandal in the press

Casting was not without sandalwood in the capitalthe press. The first time the group "Sirens" was mentioned by journalists in connection with the statement of one of the girls who did not pass the casting. Muscovite Alexander claimed that from the producers she received an obscene proposal: to dance striptease in front of a video camera. Later, one of the former workers like Music (Vladimir Ferapontov) confirmed these rumors. He brought the scandal to a new channel, saying that hundreds of girls are making similar accusations against the capital's production center.

Like Music's management commentedthese rumors by the fact that after the last casting in the capital left a lot of offended girls refused. Later it turned out that Alexander had previously worked with one of the producers. She was really unhappy with the refusal to take her into a new project. According to Razin, the group "Sirens" (Moscow) is conceived as a special project in which there is no place for girls with weak data. As for Ferapontov's words, their leadership like Music refused to comment.

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Who is a member?

Today, the Sirena group has already been approvedthe final composition. Initially, only three girls wanted to invite her. But later the intentions of the producers were revised. And the trio became a quartet. The group includes:

  • Alina Larionova. Has a complete education in jazz vocals.
  • Alina Firsova. He has two higher educations, one of them is a certified TV presenter.
  • Elena Valeeva. She is not only a beautiful girl, but also an interpreter from Chinese.
  • Vladislav Truhan. I came to casting from the other end of the country - from Vladivostok.

Producers did not take younggirls without education. They needed already formed personalities. All of them adhere to a healthy lifestyle, participate in charitable projects and work on themselves. Today the band has already released two clips. She completes work on her debut album. Singles from it already got into the rotation on popular radio stations.

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