How to draw a tank: step-by-step instruction for beginners

If you learn to draw with your baby,then do not immediately look for complex pictures and intricate instructions. For starters, it's best to select simple schematic images that you can quickly master. It is also important to be able to convey to the child the basic principles of creating a masterpiece on paper.

How to draw a tank
For example, a boy can beshow him how to draw a tank. Before promising the child an entertaining lesson in creating pictures, practice doing everything quickly, easily and at ease. In addition, prepare everything in advance: paper, simple and colored pencils, eraser, markers or paints. After that, you can begin to teach your child how to draw a tank with a pencil.

A simpler version is the creation of tanks fromrounded figures. Draw a large oval in the center of the sheet - this will be the body of the machine. On top of it you need to draw a tower, it can be made in the form of a semicircle or an oval, which is superimposed on the main body. Do not forget about the caterpillars on the sides, and one of them should be seen only partially - it is depicted as an elongated semicircle that adjoins the body from the front. The basis for the tank is ready.

How to draw a tank with a pencil
Now we need to find out the details of how to drawtank. So, to the tower do not forget to draw a gun, and from above make a small round hole - the hatch. Inside the caterpillars there should be round wheels, their number will depend on the size of the image. Do not forget that in the tank to the main wheels is adjacent to another smaller diameter, equipped with teeth.

Such drawings are conveniently created with a simple pencil- all errors or unnecessary details can be easily removed. If you can figure out how to draw a tank, you can start painting it. The main body and tower can be painted in a dark green color, the wheels - in brown or gray. A few shadows and highlights will give the painted technique a more realistic look.

But this is not the only method how to draw a tankstep by step. You can do it not rounded off, but angular, then the image will resemble the real technique. For example, to draw a tank, similar to the T-34, you need to practice. In the beginning, caterpillars are created, then the body and the tower. Only after drawing the main parts can begin to create a gun, a manhole, parts of the wheels and caterpillars. Attention is given to any little things, whether it is a thickening on the gun, the axis of the wheels, the step or the cap of the gas tank.

How to draw a tank in stages
Many people find it difficult to understand howdraw a tank that looks like real. After all, the body of this technique is designed to reflect the projectiles, so it is at a great angle. But to show this bevel in the picture, with observance of all proportions and preservation of realism of the picture, it is possible not many. Until the hand is full, it is better to use a simple pencil, which can always be erased and corrected for inaccuracies in the image. To proceed to coloring the resulting model of the tank, you can only after all the smallest details will be drawn. Do not forget to choose believable colors, create shadows, to get a three-dimensional image - this will bring the image closer to the original. If desired, you can add the appropriate landscape to the painted tank model.

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