"I have the honor": actors and features of the film

In this material, we'll talk about the movie "I have the honor." Actors and roles are named further. We have before us the military drama of Victor Buturlin. The scenario is based on real events.


I have the honor of actors
First we'll discuss the plot of the film "I have an Honor". Actors will be presented further. The main character is Captain Chislov. He is fighting in the territory of the Chechen Republic. He has no money, family and apartment. He will be betrayed in peaceful life and in battle. A very beautiful woman in beautiful and safe Petersburg will warn him about this.

Key players

I have the honor of actors and roles
Captain Chislov and Senior Lieutenant Lev Pankevich are the main characters in the movie "I Have Honor." Actors Alexander Lazarev and Andrei Frolov performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first one.

Alexander Lazarev first played a major role in thethe film "Provincial Benefit" by Alexander Belinsky. At the beginning of the acting was filmed, using the name of Trubetskoy. Fame to the actor gave the main role in the film "Friend of the deceased". The director of this film was Vyacheslav Krishtofovich. He starred in the videos from the director Tigran Keosayan. Alexander Lazarev is one of the leading actors of the Lenkom. In the image of the director Philippe participated in the musical of the Moscow Operetta Theater under the name "Metro".

Alexander Block played Major Samokhvalov. It's about the Soviet and Russian actor of cinema and theater, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. He was born in 1955, on June 13, in the Mykolayiv region. His childhood passed in the Crimea. Later he went to Leningrad. He became a student of the Institute of Culture NK Krupskaya. He transferred to LGITMiK, which he graduated from. The course was conducted by Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich Korogodsky. For some time he played in the Leningrad Youth Theater. He moved to the Leningrad City Council Theater. Changed the scene. He played in St. Petersburg in the theatrical center on Kolomenskaya. I did not lose contact with the previous place of business. In the theater Lensoveta acted as a guest actor. He died in 2015, on April 18.

Other heroes

the actors of the series have the honor of
Sarantsev and Colonel Primakov - two memorable characters in the film "I have an Honor". Actors Roman Zolotov and Yuri Tsurilo performed these roles. The second should be told in more detail.

Yuri Tsurilo is a Soviet, and also a Russian actorcinema and theater. He was born in 1946, on December 10, in the Vladimir region. Comes from a gypsy family. He received an education in Yaroslavl Theater School. Acted on various stages. Now he plays in St. Petersburg, at the Alexandrinsky Theater. He has a medal from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Fame came to the actor after playing the role in the film "Khrustalyov, the car" by Alexei Herman. Has a son. His name is Vsevolod. He was born in Novgorod, in 1977, on February 24.

E. Yaralov-Weiss appeared in the tape as Ara. Actors of the series "Honor I have" Artem Alexeyev and Vladislav Yurchekevich performed the roles of Mowgli and Merry. Roman Korolyov played the groom. Ensign Quasimodo and Captain Privalov are also featured in the plot of the film "I Have Honor". Actors Pavel Badyrov, as well as Yu Evdokimov performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first one.

Pavel Olegovich Badyrov is an actor, a powerlifter, an entrepreneur. He was born in 1964, on April 9, in Leningrad. I studied at Kalinin LPI.

Dmitry Protopopov was remembered by the audience as Sergeant Tungus.

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