Theater layout in the theater

Every cultural person will not be prevented from knowingthe name of places in the theater, especially if he periodically visits theatrical productions. But not everyone can boast of such knowledge. Below we will take a closer look at all the places and how they differ from each other.

Hall layout

If you belong to people who do not quite understand the names of places in the theater, then you definitely will help to clarify some points of the scheme of the hall.
There are not many kinds of places in the hall, they include:

  • Parterre ("on the ground"). These places are located near the center. After the emergence of theaters in the stalls, there were mostly standing places, but now they do not remain, and any ground is equipped with a large number of seats.
  • Balcony. The seats are located above the amphitheater at different levels. As before, these places are valued, because from them a good overview of the scene opens.
  • The Lodge. It is, like a balcony, on the upper tiers, located opposite the stage. The review is also very good, but the ticket prices are higher.
  • Gallery. It is located on the balcony on the uppermost level. It does not have the most convenient location, and the prices for tickets are usually lower.
  • Benoir. Lodges, which are located at the level of the stage, on each side of the stalls. Previously, spectators sitting in the benoir remained invisible to the rest of the people in the theater.
  • Mezzanine. Located above the benoir and amphitheater. These places are considered the most convenient, but the prices for them are very high, so not everyone can afford to buy a ticket there.
  • Amphitheater. Located above the stalls on both sides. The places are arranged in tiers, which makes them more convenient.

The layout of the halls in the theater is presented below.

theater room layout

Choosing a place in the theater

The layout of the theater will help in choosing a good place.

hall layout

If you plan to visit the theater and getenjoyment of what is happening on stage, then it's worth taking a responsible approach to choosing a place. In order to fully see the theatrical performance, and not to look at what is happening on stage through the people sitting in front, and to get the maximum pleasure from visiting the theater, we recommend choosing a place on the balcony, mezzanine or in the middle rows of the ground opposite the stage. In the listed places there will be not only a wonderful overview of the scene, but also a good acoustics.

The layout of the hall is quite simple and it will not be difficult to remember it, but it can be useful in the future.

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