Puppet theater (Eagle) invites young spectators

Eagle - an ancient Russian city, lying aboutin 350 kilometers to the southwest from Moscow. It is washed immediately by two rivers - Oka and its picturesque tributary Orlik. The cultural life of the city is very rich. There are many museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition halls and other institutions where cultural events are held. In the article we will tell about the children's puppet theater. The eagle is famous for them far beyond the region.

Acquaintance. History

puppet theater

Orel Puppet Theater was formed in September1943, immediately after the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders. The legend was the first performance given by the actors of the newly created theater, the fairy tale "By the Pike's Command."

Orlovtsy, who dedicated himself to the art of animatingdolls on the stage, it was not easy to write. In the post-war years the theater did not have a permanent place for a long time. In winter, artists huddled in various clubs, and in the summer traveled to Russian cities, speaking to the public on improvised scenes. Only in 1948 the puppet theater (Eagle) got its own building and even shaking a car-lorry for trips. From that moment, life gradually began to improve.

Over the years, getting stronger on his feetpuppet theater (Eagle). The poster was full of new performances. The repertoire has considerably expanded. There were bright performances with a rich musical and light decoration.

In 1994 the theater moved to the House of Builders, whereit is still today. On the facade of the building hang a miracle clock, which is called a special landmark of the city. Every hour a wonderful melody sounds in them and characters of children's fairy tales appear: The Cat in Boots, Pinocchio, Malvina and Pierrot. In 2001, on the second floor of the building, by the efforts of the artist of the theater Zhmakina Lyubov, a magic corner appeared where the children are waiting for their favorite heroes: Thumbelina, Snow White and seven gnomes, three bears and other characters.

Tours and awards

puppet theater eagle poster

For all history of the activity puppet theater(Eagle) received many awards and prizes, became a student of several festivals. In 1973, the staging of "Golden Horse" was awarded a diploma of the first degree at the II All-Russian Festival of Theatrical Art.

Orel puppet theater is often called "theateron wheels. "This is due to his active touring activities.The travel geography includes not only the Orel region, but also the cities of Russia in other regions: Murom, Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Voronezh, Bryansk, Smolensk and Tula. ) are known and loved in foreign countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, France and Ukraine.


children's puppet theater eagle

The playbill of the Orel Puppet Theater demonstrates the following performances for the near future:

  • "Kitten named Woof";
  • "Three Bears";
  • "Little goat and the Gray Wolf";
  • "Kat'kin's Day".

The Orel scene is often performed by artists from other theaters. Soon such performances are planned:

  • "Miracles in a Sieve" (Kaluga);
  • Ivanushkina Dudochka (Belgorod);
  • "Ladushki" (Kursk);
  • "Bremen Town Musicians" (Tula).

To date, the puppet theater (Eagle) has more than 35 performances in its repertoire. Among them

  • "The Scarlet Flower";
  • "Buratino flies to the moon";
  • "Merry Bears";
  • "" Magic snowflakes ";
  • "Once again about Little Red Riding Hood";
  • "How the kitten learned to meow";
  • "" Kolobok among the machines ";
  • "Masha and the Bear";
  • "The orange hedgehog";
  • "About Fox Patrikeevna and Marya Medvedeva";
  • "Sister Alenushka and brother Ivanushka";
  • "Terem-Teremok";
  • "I want to be great";
  • "Princess Frog".

Each production is interesting in its own way and has a lot of admirers.


Today in the puppet theater in Orel is working moretwenty employees. Among them are the director of the theater Sergei Alexandrovich Samoylov, the main director Vladimir Sergeevich Sergeyevich, the main artist Lyubov Evgenievna Zhmakina. Each member of the creative team makes every effort to make the audience happy to spend time here.

Ticket prices

puppet theater in the eagle address

Tickets for performances in the puppet theater (Eagle)cost 150 rubles for children and adults. There are no preferential categories. Visiting festivals, New Year concerts or thematic performances can cost more - up to 200 rubles.

Where is the puppet theater in Orel?

The address of this institution is Sovetskaya Street, house 29. You can reach it by public or private transport.

Puppet theater (Eagle), the poster of which is announcingwonderful children's performances, waiting for young and adult viewers. Actors, directors and directors, musicians and artists are all full of energy and creative plans for the future.

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