Kristen Stewart: biography of the beloved vampire

With the advent of the world-famous"Twilight Saga" people a new talent in the face of Kristen Stewart. Biography of this actress became interested everyone who watched "Twilight". Nobody can really explain the phenomenal success of this franchise, but the result is visible to the naked eye. Millions of fans and fans began to closely monitor the girl's life, and the paparazzi followed her completely, leaving behind the past life of Kristen Stewart.

Biography of the actress: the beginning

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The girl was born in April 1990 in Californiain the family scenario supervisor and assistant director of the channel Fox. In this regard, it is not surprising that she went into show business. Being very young, she participated in the school setting, where she was spotted by an agent. After some time, many people in Los Angeles were listening to Kristen Stewart. The biography of this actress has many different projects, but the greatest popularity in the beginning of the path she brought to the role in the psychological thriller "Room of Fear", where her partner was already proven at the time Jodie Foster. A year later, Kristen played along with Sharon Stone in the film "The Devil's Mansion". However, this picture did not bring her significant success.

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First, because her role wassecondary, and, secondly, the film itself was unconvincing. Despite this, next year the actress came to success, she was entrusted with the main roles in several projects, with which she coped very well, showing good acting talent.

After the series of main roles went the stageLow-budget films, in which she failed to show herself. Among them one can single out the pictures "Messengers", "In the country of women", "In the wild". In the tape "Welcome to Riley" many were shocked by the actress, because on the screens she embodies the role of a lost girl-addict, which is quite unusual Kristen Stewart. The biography of the actress tells that her life becomes more successful and an interesting field for the release of the first film of the "twilight" franchise. Thanks to this film, she finally acquired the status of an idol of millions. The story of the relationship between the vampire Edward and the simple girl Bella became really cult. What can I say, if only in one rental in the States the picture has earned more than $ 200 million. And people began to ascribe a novel to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Biography: private life

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Actress for quite a long time met withMichael Angarano. However, after the release of the vampire saga, a flurry of rumors about her relationship with her counterpart Robert Pattinson did not stop. And after 5 years of relationship, the couple broke up. Perhaps her boyfriend just could not stand the constant gossip directed against Kristen. As soon as the shooting of the Twilight saga was over, Rob and Chris finally began to feel free to come around and recognize the fact of their relationship. However, after her role in the film "Snow White and the Hunter", many began to ascribe to her an affair with the director, and Robert almost married Reese Witherspoon after the film "Water to the Elephants." Now their relationship is obscure - just like the girl's personal life itself.

Nobody will argue with the fact that "Twilight"made a simple girl world Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart. Biography, height, weight and photo of the actress is still interesting to crowds of fans around the world. It remains only to wish her a lot of successful projects and happiness in her personal life.

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