Natalie Martinez: biography, career, filmography

In this publication we will discuss the biography and career of American actress and model Natalie Martinez. Let's talk a little about her filmography.


Natalie Martinez was born on July 12, 1984 in theMiami, Florida, United States. A girl was studying at the St. Brendan High School, and also attended a private Catholic school located in Westchester. After graduation Natalie began her career as a model. In April 2008, during the participation in the contest "Miss Florida" the girl was awarded the title "Miss Friendliness".

Actor career

Her first role was played by Natalie Martinez in 2006year. A young actress appeared in the series "House of Fashion", where she played the role of Michelle Miller for fifty-five series. In 2008, Martinez appeared in a fantastic action movie "The Death Race." The film was received by the audience very warmly. Next, the actress appeared in the role of a detective in the series "Detroit 1-8-7", and a year later on the screen with the participation of Natalie appeared film "Patrol".

Natalie Martinez

Among the striking roles of Martinez I would like to notethe television series "CSI: Crime Scene - New York", in which for twelve episodes the actress appeared in the role of detective Jamie Lovato. In the period from 2013 to 2015, Natalie Martinez appeared in one of the top ten films, among which is the film "The City of Vice", as well as the series "Kingdom" and "Secrets and lies."

Natalie also appeared in twelve episodesseries, shot on the book by Stephen King, "Under the Dome." Actors Britt Robertson, Dean Norris, Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre appeared as the main characters along with Martinez - a young and promising actress. Under the scenario, the townspeople, isolated from the outside world in the small town of Chesters Mills, try to survive under an impenetrable, invisible and invulnerable dome. Now, when they can rely only on themselves, people appear in their true guise.


For all of her career, Martinez has performed about two dozen roles. The list of films with the participation of the actress is presented below:

  • "House of Fashion" - played the role of Michelle Miller (2006);
  • the series "Saints and Sinners" - girl Pilar Martin (2007);
  • "The Death Race" - Case (2008);
  • "Sons of Tucson" - the role of Maggie (2010);
  • "Detroit 1-8-7" - played the detective Ariane Sanchez (2010-2011);
  • "Memories of a magical city" - Mary (2011);
  • "Outcasts from Baytown" - a girl named Ariana (2012);
  • "Patrol" - in the role of Gabby Zavala (2012);
  • "CSI: Crime Scene - New York" - played the role of detective Jamie Lovato (2012-2013);
  • "The City of Vice" - Natalie Barrow (2013);
  • "Under the dome" - Linda Esquivel, deputy sheriff (2013-2014);
  • "Matador" - Salma (2014);
  • "Kingdom" - Alicia Mendes (2015-2016);
  • "Secrets and lies" - girl Jess (2015);
  • "The Epistle of King" - played by Trish (2016);
  • "From Dusk Till Dawn" - performed Amaru (2016).

under the dome of the actor

In 2017, Natalie Martinez appeared in the new American TV series "In Search", where she played the role of Amelia Murphy. The premiere was held on the sixth of February on the FOX channel.

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