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Probably, there are few people who have not heardsuch hits as Midnight Lady, Baby I Miss You, Stay One More Night and so on. Their performer is the popular singer Chris Norman, who made a career in the legendary band Smokey. What is the biography of Chris Norman?

How did it all start?

Englishman Christopher Norman was born inartistic family in 1950, so that his future was already predetermined from above. For the first time, little Chris was on stage in three years, so to a more or less conscious age, he was already used to it and did not separate himself from it. And after Chris got a guitar from his father in seven years, his dream to become a rock musician became even stronger. Parents, understanding the hobby of his son, did not interfere with him, but, on the contrary, tried in every possible way to facilitate his speedy execution.

In the biography of Chris Norman from early childhoodthere were constant crossings and different cities - all because of the active tour life that his parents led. Together with them, young Chris visited all corners of his native country. Until the family returned to Bradford, his mother's town, Chris had already changed nine different schools. In Bradford, he went to the male gymnasium, which became the place of his acquaintance with Alan Silson and Terry Attley - first just friends, and then colleagues in the Smokey group. Then Christopher was twelve years old.

Carier start

In those years - the mid-sixties - the youthwas fond of songs "The Beatles", "Rolling Stones", Bob Dylan. Neither Chris Norman nor his new friends were exceptions. They diligently studied the songs of their idols, choosing tunes on guitars. At first they were three of us, but a little later there was a fourth - drummer Ron Kelly. It was with the appearance in the biography of Chris Norman and his friends Kelly the idea of ​​creating his own group.

Chris Norman Biography

Christopher was never very specialdiligence in teaching, so at the age of fifteen left school. Strangely enough, parents with sufficient understanding reacted to such actions of the son, but the father nevertheless wished that, before becoming a musician, Chris tried himself in some other profession. He tried - worked as a loader, a sales agent, a worker, an employee in the goods warehouse, but all these specialties did not satisfy him, he still devoted all his free time to music, and his father finally gave up. By that time, Chris's friends had already left school. So in the biography of Chris Norman (pictured) appeared his first band - Yen. Under this name, young people began to play in the clubs of the city. However, soon it was replaced, and then again and again - they were sorted out until they stopped at Elizabethans. However, in 1968 the name of the collective again became different - Kidness ("Kindness").

Smokey group: flowering

Five years later, the musicians who have been all this timeinterrupted by bars and clubs, was extremely fortunate: fate brought them together with two producers and composers, very famous in the world of show business - Nikki Chinn and Michael Chapman. They liked the sound of young artists, and they offered musicians to cooperate. The proposal was accepted without hesitation - in fact this collective was not enough. Immediately, the changes began, primarily with the name again. Kidness was renamed to Smokie - the band members themselves later explained the similar name to the analogy with the hoarse voice of Chris (smokie translated from English as "smoke"). Thus began the second career turn in the biography of singer Chris Norman.

In the same year, Ron Kelly left the team, at hisplace came Pete Spencer - and the classic composition of Smokie was formed. Producers also worked on the image of the guys - on the stage those came out almost always in white shirts and elegant suits. The first single of the band, which brought him real fame, was released in the summer of 1975 - the song "really shot" and got into all sorts of British and even international charts. In the same year, Smokey released their debut album Changing all the time.

Chris Norman biography personal life

The popularity of the group has acquired an unprecedented scope. They recorded songs one after another, toured their native country and abroad. Particularly fond of the collective in Germany - there "Smoky" almost did not disappear from the screens and from radio air. In just seven years of flourishing (until 1982) Smokey recorded nine albums and released twenty-four singles, all of which without exception became hits.

Chris Norman biography photo

After seven years of unremitting work, musiciansslightly tired and decided to take a break. Everyone has his own affairs, his projects. Nevertheless, two years later the artists came together again - first only for a charity concert, but then went on tour and recorded a new single. However, that's all over: after all, in the biography of Chris Norman has already appeared solo music. Returning from the tour, he finally left the group.

Stumblin'In: duet with Suzy Quatro

Back in 1978, at the height of popularity"Smokey", Chris Norman made an unexpected move for the rock musician: he recorded a lyric duet with the famous singer Susie Quatro (by the way, Chinn and Chapman also began to untwist it).

Chris Norman biography wife

This song, called Stumblin'In,unexpectedly for both performers became a real hit, hit the charts not only in their native Britain, but also in the US, and further strengthened the popularity of each musician. She remains loved by many people to this day.

Leaving Smokie

In the mid-eighties, Chris Normangot acquainted with Dieter Bohlen ("Modern Talking") and under his direction recorded the song Midnight Lady, which was later filmed and a video clip. The song "shot", throwing Chris to the top of the ratings. It was after the success of the song in the fall of 1986 that Norman left his native band.

Solo creativity

Since 1986, the biography of Chris Normanhas dozens of songs and albums. He gained a second wind, a new popularity, working tirelessly at the studio and releasing a hit after hit. Touring tours, television and radio broadcasts, the first personal awards - all this began to pour in on Chris Norman one after another.

singer chris norman biography

After a short break, Christopher continuedHis career - and with no less success than in the eighties. His star on the Viennese Walk of Fame, the award for the best male voice, the first double DVD-disc is just a little of what the musician found in the early twenty-first century.


Despite the fact that Chris Norman is not so littleyears and many at his age "retire", the musician is still not going to stop. With an enviable regularity, he releases new records (another disc of the artist appeared recently - this September, now Norman tour in support of the album).

In addition to music, Christopher Norman is actively engaged in charity. In addition, he is the Ambassador of the Children's Hospice in Germany.

Personal life in the biography of Chris Norman

It is generally accepted that artists are non-permanent,Their marriages are short-lived, and love in general between them can not exist. The biography of Chris Norman and his family (pictured) is the best refutation of this opinion.

Chris Norman biography of his family photo

With his wife Linda Chris met at an agehe was seventeen years old, and three years later he married her. It was Linda, still a Chris muse, that contributed in part to Smokey's success - if not for her support and inspiration, it's unlikely that Norman would have done it that way. In the biography of Chris Norman, his wife occupies a huge place to this day - he does not hesitate to talk about this in all his numerous interviews.

In the first years of his life together, Lindaworked as a stylist at Smoky, went with them on tour, accompanying her husband everywhere. But from such a life very quickly you get tired - and she is tired, and so she returned to her native city. Contrary to popular belief, the relationship between Chris and Linda from this is not completely spoiled. In their marriage, five children were born - four sons and one daughter, from whom the couple already have four grandchildren. Thus, in the biography of Chris Norman, his family is of paramount importance. Being on the road, he always finds an opportunity to contact his wife and communicate with her.

Interesting Facts

  1. Unlike many other Western musicians did not know about the popularity of the band in the Soviet Union.
  2. A friend brought him from the Land of Soviets a package with the name of the collective.
  3. This birthday celebrated in St. Petersburg, which he really likes.
  4. The happiest day of his life for many years considers his own wedding day.

Chris Norman biography of his family
Biography of Chris Norman - a vivid example of how with the help of relatives and relatives, as well as their own work and perseverance, you can achieve everything you just dream about.

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