Oksana Ilyup - biography and creativity

The Tatar language is now used extremely rarely. For those who speak it, very few songs and literature are produced. Oksana Ilyup is a singer who tries to correct this injustice. She releases songs only in Tatar, and her favorite instrument is a guitar. The audience appreciated the creativity of this performer.

Oksana Ilyup: biography

oxana ilump
The future singer was born in a small village of Lakly,located in Bashkortostan. She lived there until graduation. Despite the fact that her soul was always drawn to music and writing her own poems, Oksana Ilyup decided to study as an economist in Chelyabinsk. In this city I successfully overcome introductory tests and became a student of the Academy of Labor.

Meeting with her future husband turned the girl's life. He taught her how to play the guitar. From this moment she does not part with her favorite instrument. Already at the beginning of 2009, Oksana puts her first song on Youtube. It was a cover version of the hit of one of the famous singers.


In 2012, Oksana appears in the repertoirecomposition of his own work. The first of these was the song "Call", and by the end of the year she released a video "Are the flowers to blame". By the end of 2013, the songs were enough to record the first album, which Oksana Ilyup released almost for her money. For the past three years she has been actively performing concerts in Bashkortostan, where she became fond of many for her excellent voice and melodious songs.

In free time from the performances of the girlis engaged in scrapbooking. She makes handmade cards in the Tatar language, which differ among her fans. Her choice of a hobby, she explains simply - in Russian you can find a lot of postcards, and for those who speak only Tatar, they do not produce such souvenirs.


oxana ilump biography
Oksana Ilyup is a very active person, so inshe does not stay too long at home. The girl likes to travel by motorcycles and cars. She regularly participates in motor and motorcycle rides.

At the end of 2016, she plannedtraveling by car in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The girl claims that it is on the way that she gets impressions for creating new songs. At moments of rest she is once again convinced that the world is extraordinarily beautiful.

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