Chris Corner is the author of the solo music project IAMX

Chris Corner, whose interview everyone reada devoted fan of rock, is a British musician, composer, producer. Guy can play the guitar, synthesizer, drum set. This man made a revolution in the world of music in his time.

Chris Corner

Brief facts about Chris

Chris Corner was born in England on January 23, 1974. By the sign of the zodiac - Aquarius. All his life he is engaged in musical activity. Several times appeared on television. For the first time this happened in 2001, the last in 2005.

Chris Corner, whose growth is about 170cm, now is the leader of Sneaker Pimps and soloist of IAMX. Both teams have become widely known throughout the world. Not once Chris came to the territory of Russia and Ukraine with his concerts. For example, in 2006 he was in Moscow, and in 2010 - in Lviv. This person is deeply respected, loved and appreciated by everyone who understands the genres in which he works.

Chris Corner Personal life


Chris was born into a family of workers. At a younger age, he was fond of creativity: music, cinema and architecture. For a long time with his friend Chris did. In 1995 the team of Sneaker Pimps was already formed. A few years earlier, the artist, along with Hou formed a duet. They were engaged in creating instrumental music in different styles. It should be noted that in the subsequent team, two friends always remained the main writers of the material, even when they were joined by equally talented children.

Until the SP were disbanded,The team managed to release several successful albums. And Corner, since the second release, has become a leading vocalist. In 2004, the material was released, which was about the debut of IAMX.

All that Chris showed along with the new team, it should be noted, he did himself without large financial investments. In the world of music and among critics, he earned good responses and respect.

In 2006, Chris moved to Berlin, where he settled in a house built during the time of the existence of the GDR.

Corner said more than once that IAMX literallyhis breath of air, because he saved him as an artist. Freedom, independence and complete creative relaxation - this is what Chris lacked. He talked about what he had long dreamed of such a concept. All albums were created independently, without the participation of anyone, from scratch. Due to the fact that over the course of time many close people appeared around him, he was able to give more strength to other kinds of art.

Chris Corner biography

Personal life

Chris Corner, whose personal life is for fans -taboo, talks a little about how and with whom he spends his time. Until 2011, the guy met with the soloist Robots in Disguise Sue Denim. It should be noted that their relationship lasted long enough - about 8 years. Around the artist constantly go some rumors. However, officially Chris Corner, whose personal life is interesting to many, met only with Denim. Most often on the camera the musician says that he is free. Most do not believe these statements. In public with the girls he appears rarely.

Chris Corner Growth

Sneaker Pimps

Chris Corner for a long time was a member of the teamthe name Sneaker Pimps. He was educated in 1995 in Reading. In the first album, Kelly Dayton was the soloist, but already in the second her voice was replaced.

At the moment, the band released three officiallyreleased album and one that the world never saw. The latter did not receive a release, because the record company refused to work with the team.

In 2004, when Chris Corner formed the IAMX group, in fact Sneaker Pimps broke up. It should be noted that at this time there are two undersigned albums.

In 2015 there were rumors that the group is restoring its activities and is starting to create the material. In early 2016, Howe and Corner confirmed this personally in their pages in "Twitter."

Discography of the band: Becoming X (1996), Becoming Remixed (1998), Splinter (1999), Bloodsport (2002).


IAMX is a solo project that was created by ChrisCorner. Official date of appearance is 2004, London. It should be noted that the collective is independent of the labels, since it does not consist in any of the existing ones both in Britain and abroad. In addition to the music sphere, the group is experimenting with theatrical performances, visual and light effects. IAMX performances are spontaneous, the soloist and other members of the team always interact with the audience, which is required of them.

Due to its unique sound ChrisCorner, whose discography is full of legendary releases, has become popular. His voice allows you to work both in electronic rock and in dark cabaret. He is able not only to rationally use his talents, but also correctly program the sound.

For eight years the group was located in Berlin. In 2014, the boys moved to Los Angeles. IAMX lyrics speak about sexual self-identification, gender neutrality. The most part of the repertoire is connected with questions of death, love, drugs, alienation, reflection. Chris criticizes religion, politics and the current society in some songs.

IAMX are famous for their performances,expressive and unpredictable. Chris Corner, whose biography is detailed in this article, personally creates his own provocative images, scenic scenery.

During the concert of the band on a largeThe central screen constantly broadcasts various video sequences, which are mounted by the artist himself. They can be seen as fragments of the group's speeches, as well as elements of psychological films.

IAMX has six albums. For each of them, Chris was the producer.

Discography of the group: Kiss + Shallow (2004), The Altermative (2006), Kingdom of Welcome Addiction (2009), Volatile Times (2011), The Unified Field (2013), Metalonia (2015 g.).

kris corner discography

Other activities

In addition to teamwork, Chris Corneris engaged in composer activity. Also a couple of times he flashed in the films in the role of himself. Fans are happy to see their idol on TV, since Chris is not interested in full-length cinema.

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