How to draw a space: creating a universe with a pencil tip

The question of how to draw space issomewhat awkward character. In itself, it represents an endless dark space through which the rays of light break through. The planets, their satellites, comets and other celestial bodies are, as it were, its inhabitants. That is why the cosmos in our figure will be only the background on which we will have different objects. We could black out our sheet and paint white stars on it, but this picture will be too simple. Let's try improvisation, take a pencil in hand and start creating our little masterpiece.

As already mentioned above, the universe will become the backgroundpaintings. Therefore, before drawing a space, the artist should choose a plot, which he will depict. As a rule, these are planets. In more rare cases, flying meteorites are depicted. We will try to use as many celestial bodies as possible to make our drawing more saturated. First you need to select the object that will be closest to all the others. In our case, this will be the surface of an unexplored planet. Since it is not so far away from us, there is no need to draw it round. It is enough to step back from the beginning of the leaf a few centimeters and draw a straight line. Do not put too much pressure on the pencil, since we still have to depict the relief. It can make up craters and small peaks.

how to draw a space

So, the beginning of our drawing is set. Now go to the complex step of the instruction on how to draw a space. Namely: we need to allocate a large object, which will form the basis of the picture. As we draw with a pencil, we do not need to depict the Sun or other central star, since it has a bright color. For a basis we will take a planet, and, considering that rings around of a heavenly body most favorably look, we will draw Saturn. It should be made round. Then you need to remember the lessons of drawing and geometry, in order to represent the circles around it most realistically. In addition, the planet must be made voluminous, and shadows will help us in this. From which side it will receive light from a nearby star, it's up to you. On the bright side of the planet can be identified continents or oceans.

to draw space

Business for small - it is necessary to represent small objects onbackground of our drawing. You can limit yourself to distant stars whose closeness is determined by the intensity of the pressure on the pencil. But it would be strange to draw a cosmos and not focus on a meteor or comet. In addition, the bottom of the picture has a relief, the middle "contains" the planet, and its upper part is somewhat empty. We will draw a comet, since its bright tail always fascinates the observers. This is done simply. You should start with a simple five-pointed star. Now we draw a tail in the shape of an arc to it. Examine the picture: perhaps, there are not enough shadows in some places, after which it will be completed.

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In fact, a specific instruction on how toto draw a space, should not be. The image of the universe is so multifaceted that the artist can use virtually any of his imaginations. In addition to known celestial bodies, whose existence is scientifically proven, a person can depict, for example, an alien ship or any other flying object. And, most importantly, to draw a cosmos, it is not necessary to sign up for private lessons in painting, because the universe has its own one.

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