Actors Drake and Josh - the executors of the main roles in the American television series "Drake and Josh"

In 2004, on the channel "Nickelodeon" was shownyouth adventure series called "Drake and Josh." Sparkling comedy with numerous characters immediately acquired a large audience. A fascinating criminal storyline keeps the viewer tense from start to finish.

actors Drake and Josh

Features of the picture

Actors of the series "Drake and Josh", performing inthe main roles, in fact, played themselves. In the role of the main character Drake Parker actor Drake Bell acted, and the role of another central character named Josh Nichols was cast by actor Josh Peck.

Certainly, such exciting adventures,What happened to the main characters in the course of the scenario, in real life they would hardly have experienced. And then the creators of the film tried: dramatic events followed one after another, the actors Drake and Josh just had time to reincarnate. Gradually they entered the rhythm and shooting of the series.

Drake and Josh actors

Do you need physical training?

Actors of the main roles - actors Drake and Josh - gave an example of endurance to other participants in the project. There was no such thing as fatigue in the group. The unprecedented success of the series encouraged everyone, from the director to the technical staff. The work did not stop for a minute, the channel "Nichladone" demanded to shoot the next series in the shortest possible time.

Leading actors Drake and Josh, so as not to wastetime for rehearsals, got acquainted with the script in advance and before the filming passed all the scenes. Thus, the operator had only to remove the episodes in a certain order and send the film to the editing room.

Drake and Josh - the actors are indefatigable, but they, tooRest was required. The producer of the series had to introduce a mandatory break for all the participants of the shooting process, and the performers of the roles began to rest in turns.

It so happened that for several seasons, the first to be at the door of the pavilion before his discovery was sure to be Drake and Josh. Actors as if did not go home since last night.

Criminal notes

In January 2006, in the middle of the third season32, 33 and 34 series were created under the general title "Drake and Josh in Hollywood". The actors who participated in the shooting of the new series were the same, but the artistic component of the plot changed somewhat. For the heroes adventures began that were of a frankly criminal nature. The actors Drake and Josh were supposed to play the incorrupt citizens of their country, who entered into combat with counterfeiters.

Drake and Josh in Hollywood actors


Detective story began whenDrake and his stepbrother Josh mistakenly put their sister Megan on the wrong plane and the girl flew to Los Angeles instead of Denver. When the young people realized what they had done, they had to fly after them, so that nothing bad happened to Megan.

Already on the plane, the brothers crossed with criminalelements that have stolen in the US Treasury a printing machine for replicating dollar bills. In the hands of Josh was a tablet with access codes to the technological files, on which the work of the printing press depends.

Detective genre

Counterfeiters, wanting to return their laptop, begin to pursue Drake and Josh. Dressed in the shape of FBI agents, criminals overtake brothers and take them to their safe house.

There, Josh and Drake see the stolen printing pressand they begin to realize that they are involved in a deadly game. Bandits enter the codes into the device's memory and start the machine. The machine prints dollars, and the counterfeiters decide to destroy the brothers.

In the meantime, Megan, looking for Drake and Josh,finds in the hotel room a wallet of one of the criminals, in which lies a note with the address of a safe house. She hurries to the address and, having arrived at the place, calls the police. Soon the bandits are arrested, and Josh and Drake are released.

actors of the series Drake and Josh

The main characters of the series

Drake Parker (role played by Drake Bell) - oneof the three main characters, the elder brother of the girl Megan and stepbrother of Josh Nichols. Loves playing the guitar, never performs homework, loves the sweet, lazy to indecency. However, if there is an opportunity to spend time with girls, laziness disappears without a trace.

Josh Nichols (in the role of Josh Peck) is the second majorhero, Drake's half-brother and Megan. He is intelligent, he is excellent at school, he has a cheerful, kind disposition. However, he is distracted, often in an awkward position. By nature, an altruist, love to help people regardless of whether they need it. Well brought up, respects adults and listens to them in everything.

Megan Parker (role played by Miranda Cosgrove) - Drake's sister and Josh. He likes to poke fun at his brothers, especially over unrequited Drake.

Nicholls Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) - Josh's father,husband Audrey Nichols-Parker. The announcer on television, works in the weather forecast department. Trying to find ways to contact with Drake, but he constantly leaves the conversation.

Audrey Nichols-Parker (Sullivan Nancy) is the mother of Megan and Drake, the wife of Nichols Walter.

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