Actors of the series "Beauty and the Beast": biographies, photo

The crime series, developed by Sherry Cooper andJennifer Levin, went on television in 2012. Actors of the series "Beauty and the Beast": Christine Kreuk, Max Brown, Jay Ryan, Austin Bacis and others - fell in love with the audience. The project has withstood four seasons of broadcasting.

About the show

In 2011, S. Cooper and J. Levin decided to remove a remake of the fantastic series "Beauty and the Beast" in 1987. They have modernized the plot, making a fantastic drama from a fantastic work.

actors of the series beauty and the beast

In 2012, "Beauty and the Beast" - a series,actors and roles of which have completely changed in 25 years. And although the names of the main characters - Katherine Chandler and Vincent - remained the same as in the first version, the series introduced a lot of new characters that completely transformed it.

The plot is based on the history of the detective's relationshipsPolice Kat and Dr. Vincent Keller, who saved the girl in childhood, when her and her mother were attacked. Vincent is an unusual person. A special steroid changed his genes. Now in moments of danger, Keller can significantly increase his strength and sharpen feelings. Catherine and Vincent are investigating criminal cases together.

The series was filmed in Toronto from 2011 to 2016. In total, 70 episodes of the film were released.

Critics have differently assessed how they played their ownroles of the series "Beauty and the Beast". A lot of reviews were negative. Nevertheless, in 2013 and 2014, the series won the "People's Choice Award", awarded in Los Angeles for its services in the field of cinema, television and music.

Actors of the series "Beauty and the Beast"

In all four seasons, the actors appear in the frame:

  • In the role of Katherine Chandler - Kristin Kreuk.
  • The role of Vincent Keller was made by Jay Ryan.
  • The role of JT Forbes went to Austin Bacis.
  • The role of Tess Vargas was played by Nina Lizandrello.

a beauty and a monster a serial actors and roles

Some actors appeared only in some episodes of the show "Beauty and the Beast".

The series, season 4, actors:

  • In the role of Kyle Johnson - Michael Roark.
  • In the role of Heather Chandler - Nicole Anderson.
  • In the role of Evan Marx - English actor Max Brown.

Actors Sendhil Ramamurthy, Brian J. White, Amber Sky Noyes flashed in the series only in the first two seasons.

Kristin Kreuk

The full name of the actress is Kristin Laura Kreuk.She herself comes from Canada. Christine was born on 30.12.1982 in Vancouver. Her father is from Holland, and her mother, a Chinese woman by birth, was born in Indonesia. The girl's parents are engaged in landscape design.

beauty and monster series actors photo

Career in the movie Kroyk started with the Canadianmelodramatic series "Edgmont" and the role of Snow White in 2001 in the eponymous film. In the same 2001, Christine was invited to audition for the American television series "Smallville's Secrets". This series was shot in the hometown of the actress, Vancouver. "Smallville's secrets", where Kreuk played one of the main roles, brought the girl world recognition and fame. The series has been nominated for the "Saturn" award many times, received the Emmy Award in 2002 and in 2006.

The actress also starred in mini-series"The Wizard of Earthsea" in 2004, "Ben Hur" in 2010, in the series "Chuck" in 2010. In her filmography - pictures of Eurotour 2004, Streetfighter 2009, Ecstasy 2011 and others.

Jay Ryan

The real name of the actor is Jay Banian.J was born on 29.08.1981 in Auckland, New Zealand, and lives in Australia. The actor plays mostly in Canadian and New Zealand movies and TV shows. Pictures from the filmography of the actor are unfamiliar to the Russian audience. His role in the series is more visible. You could see Ryan in the TV series "Neighbors" in the role of Jack Scully from 2002 to 2005, in the telenovela "The Sea Patrol" as Billy "Spider" Webb from 2007 to 2009, in the series "Terra Nova" as Curran in 2011 , in the "Top of the Lake" in the role of Mark Mitchem in 2013.

Austin Bacis

The full name of the actor is Austin Lee Bacis.Austin was born on September 14, 1976 in Brooklyn. The actor suffers from type 1 diabetes and regularly participates in charitable actions related to this disease. The actor starred in many different serials, the most popular of which are Law and Order, Criminal Intent, Maritime Police, Special Department, Life is unpredictable, Anatomy of Passion, mostly in secondary and episodic roles.

Nina Lisandrello

The actress was born on 01/01/1980 in Los Angeles. Nina graduated from the Art School in New York. Acted in the film "The Devil Wears Prada", in the series "Sister Jackie", "Law and Order" and others.

Other actors of the series "Beauty and the Beast", asthe rule, before the shooting began, it already had time to be shown in other famous projects. For Austin Bacis and Nina Lisandrello, the roles in "Beauty and the Beast" at the moment are the biggest and most serious in their career.


Was he able to cope with the goal set before him -to surpass the 1987 version - a remake of "Beauty and the Beast" (TV series)? Actors, whose photos regularly flashed in the press, and the series itself are interested in the audience. And this is already an indicator of what I managed. Although the show did not receive enthusiastic reviews from well-known critics, it did not collect the most prestigious awards, it was liked by the spectators who followed it.

Beauty and the Beast Series 4 season actors

The version of "Beauty and the Beast" was lost in 1987its relevance with the years, and the creators of the version of 2012, thanks to modern technologies, visual effects, professional processing of the script, managed to once again captivate the viewer with an old story.

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