Agatha Christie. Biography of a writer and a woman

Do you know which books are the most published in the world? In the first place - the Bible, on the second - the immortal creations of Shakespeare. But on the third - works related to the "light genre", the so-called entertainment literature, combined genre and author. On the third place in the world on the frequency of the publication are the detectives of Agatha Christie. In the light came out over 4 billion copies of her works in more than 100 languages. So who was the famous writer Agatha Christie?

Agatha Christie biography

Her biography sometimes reminds one of the writer's novels. In it there is love, betrayal and a mysterious disappearance with a happy ending.

The maiden name of the future writer is Miller. She was born on September 15, 1890 in the small town of Torquay.

During the First World War, the girl workeda nurse in a military hospital, and then a pharmacist in a pharmacy. Knowledge in the field of chemicals, and especially poisons, was useful to Agatha in her work. 83 murders, described by her in detectives, were poisonings.

In 1914, by a large mutual love, the young Agatha Miller married a colonel named Archibald Christie. Soon she will glorify this name.

The first detective novel was released in 1920. It was called "Mysterious incident in Styles." The author was designated by the unknown Agatha Christie. Her biography as a writer began just then.

1926 proved to be extremely difficult for Agatha. Two of the hardest blows she had to endure during this period: the death of her mother and her husband's betrayal. In the twelfth year of marriage Archibald asked his wife for a divorce because he met another woman. Between them there was a quarrel, after which suddenly disappeared from the house of Agatha Christie. The biography of the writer tells us that for 11 days her whereabouts remained a mystery. And only after the expiration of this period, she was found in a small hotel, where she registered under the name of her husband's mistress. However, she could not really explain how she got there, as a result of which doctors diagnosed her - amnesia. What happened in reality is unknown, but there is a suggestion that this was a case of what is called in medicine "dissociative fugue" - a disease caused by a severe mental disorder.

Two years after this incident, the couple Christie divorced.

Agatha Christi short biography

However, fate was supportive of the English ladynamed Agatha Christie. A brief biography reports that in 1930 the writer got acquainted with the archaeologist with whom she lived in a happy marriage for the rest of her life (46 years). His name was Max Mallowan, and he was younger than his wife for 15 years.

Agatha Christie, whose biography is incenter of our attention, lived 86 years. During this time she wrote 60 novels of detective genre and 6 - psychological. The latter were issued under the pseudonyms Westmacott or Mary Westmacott. Light saw 19 collections, which included mainly stories. And in theaters of London were premiered 16 of her plays. One of them, The Mousetrap, became the record holder in the number of productions. His favorite creation was the novel "Ten Little Indians".

According to the writer's works, manyfilms, including multi-series, in which viewers watch with tedious attention the investigations conducted by their favorite heroes - Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

 biography of agate of Christ in Russian

A great interest in readers is caused not only bybooks of the famous writer, but also stories about her. Similar monographs are published in different languages. There is also a biography of Agatha Christie in the Russian language of the author Tsimbaeva EN, under the name "Agatha Christie", released in print in 2013.

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