How to draw a motorcycle: a step-by-step instruction

Motorcycle - a beautiful and romantic viewtransport, which all boys dream of from childhood. To learn how to portray it on paper, you should first of all understand the types of this compact technique. Different models of motorcycles differ in type (classic, cross, sports), as well as in the manufacturer ("Izh", "Yamaha", "Ural"). We offer you a lesson on which you will master the basic ways of their image on paper. Let's see how to draw a motorcycle in stages.

How to draw a model "Izh"?

Learn how to portray a specific type of motorcycle inprinciple, it is not difficult. To get the right model, it's important to observe all the proportions, draw distinctive details, paint the picture in the desired color. It is better to simplify the drawing by removing minor and minor design elements. The motorcycle will not suffer from this, and the child will be much easier to depict the technique. Take a plain sheet of paper, a simple pencil, and prepare an eraser. Explain to the kid all in sequence, detail by piece. Do not hurry. If something does not work out, you can always go back to the previous stage and repeat everything again.

how to draw a motorcycle

Drawing the basic scheme

To understand how to draw a motorcycle in pencil,it is necessary to understand what is its "skeleton", that is, the line passing through the center of the picture. Let us assume that this will be an arc and two straight lines running down from it. They will help us to perform a symmetrical and proportional representation of our "Izh". This technique will help you in the future to draw any other model of high-speed technology, changing the proportions and complementing the various details. For example, increasing the size of the front or rear wheel, the position of the steering wheel, you will understand how to draw a sports bike or scooter. The main thing is to be patient and follow the instructions.

how to draw a motorcycle in pencil

Drawing a gas tank and steering wheel

Now proceed to the design of various partsstructure. To understand how to draw a motorcycle will be easy if you follow a step-by-step instruction. Let's start with the image of the gas tank. Draw a pencil oval along the main axis, moving the figure a little forward. Now, at the intersection of the base arc and the front vertical line, draw an uneven circle, and below it a triangle. Round off all corners - this will be the basis for the future of the helm. Now draw two arcs - this is the visible part of the steering wheel. And further a rear-view mirror. The fuel tank and steering wheel are ready.

how to draw a sports bike

Drawing the front wheel

We continue to understand how to drawmotorcycle. Let's start with the image of the front wheel. To do this, retreat one centimeter from the base of the handlebar and draw an even circle with a diameter of three to four centimeters. Inside it, draw two more circles, each smaller than the other by one centimeter in diameter. Two outer circles are the tires of the future wheel. Now draw a rack. For this, four vertical lines must be drawn from the central circle to the base of the rudder.

how to draw a motorcycle easily

Draw the rear wheel

You have already understood what to understand howto draw a motorcycle, easily. Just follow the detailed instructions. Our next step is the image of the rear wheel and the saddle. Let's start with drawing the latter. Draw an uneven rectangle on the rest of the base arc. Now, in the center of the rear vertical line opposite the front wheel, draw a smooth circle. It should be slightly smaller than the first circle, as in the model "Izh" the rear wheel is smaller than the front one. As in the first case, inside draw another two additional circles, different in size. And swipe up two vertical lines - a rack for the rear wheel.

Drawing the motor

Now the question of how to draw a motorcycle,you will not cause difficulties, since most of the work is already over. It remains to depict a few details. Draw the motor. Under the gas tank, draw a circle. In the middle of it, draw a slanting line, then a few dashes that give the impression of a ribbed surface. Then a small circle. Draw a few details protruding from behind the motor. Thus, an impressive and realistic design is obtained.

On wheels, if desired, you can draw knitting needles, andAlso complement the model with distinctive details or inscriptions. Then erase all the extra pieces of the drawing with an eraser. Further round all the details to make the picture look more realistic. At the end, draw the drawing again with a simple pencil with a stronger pressure.

how to draw a motorcycle in stages

Color the picture

So, our sketch is ready. Now, together with the baby, you can give brightness to our high-speed technique. Take paint or colored pencils to make a beautiful and unusual model. You already understood how to draw a motorcycle with a pencil. Paints work will be a little more difficult. It is important not to paint over the small details, so that individual parts of the design as a result do not merge with each other.

Choose the color that you like bestyour child, and start your work safely. The body of the motorcycle can be blue, red or green. Tires and seats are best depicted in black or gray. Do not worry if you do not see the details as a result. Wait until the paint has dried, then take a black watercolor or marker and circle the outlines of your drawing.

If you did everything right, then,carefully read our article on how to draw a motorcycle. Replenish your collection of pictures with other models. Now your son can hang pictures in a prominent place and show off to his friends with his creativity.

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