"In the Heart of the Sea": reviews and opinions on the film

The film "In the Heart of the Sea", about whichconstitute the subject of this review, was withdrawn in 2015 and immediately became a notable phenomenon in contemporary cinema. But despite the quality work of the director, operators and excellent visual effects, the picture received mixed assessments of viewers and critics.

Historical Background in Cinema

The film was based on a real incident,which happened in 1820 with the whaling ship Essex, who went fishing on the open ocean. The ship was attacked by a giant sperm whale. The shipwrecked crew was forced to survive in the sea literally for about three months under inhuman conditions. This tragedy served as a material for the writer N. Filbrick and director R. Howard to describe and reproduce the psychology of the heroes who were on the brink of death.

in the heart of the sea reviews

Positive evaluation of the plot

Confrontation of the whaling crew withA formidable sea element is devoted to the film "In the Heart of the Sea". Reviews about the film, despite the fascinating shooter, were different. The merits of the new picture include a convincing reproduction of the dramatic situation in which the characters were found. Especially distinguished reliability of the historical era, demonstrated in the first part of the movie, namely, the reconstruction of the features of the whaling industry in the XIX century, the life of sailors, ship business.

in the heart of the sea reviews of the movie

As for the comparison of the captain and his(played by B. Walker and K. Hemsworth respectively), which form the basis of the psychological line, the audience is mostly positive about this part of the work, noting the good play of the actors and interesting twists in their relations. They talk about successfully prescribed minor characters: first of all, they emphasize the interesting image of the ship's jungle.

Negative feedback on the scenario

On the struggle of the team for life on the high seastells the movie "In the heart of the sea." Reviews about the film were mixed, despite the interesting development of the plot, which is almost an adventure character. In fact, artistic novels and films about how a person struggles with powerful elements, with a harsh nature, invariably enjoy success with readers and viewers. But despite the profitable genre, the film "In the Heart of the Sea", which was so controversial about the reviews, was not even nominated for an Oscar, although according to some experts, computer effects, graphics and excellent camera work deserve it.

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The main claim to composition is somepatterned narrative. There is a point of view that the director could not teach this story in any original way, but instead went along the traditional path: the demonstration of the catastrophe and the display of the heroes' struggle for existence.

Opinions on special effects

The film "In the Heart of the Sea", which was revieweddifferent, built on a complex computer graphics, reproducing the water element and a terrible atmosphere in the tape. Therefore, we should separately say about the assessment by spectators and critics of visual effects in the film. Most tend to the fact that the film crew has created a very high-quality picture. And in fact, the seascape in the picture is magnificent and makes a strong impression. Proponents of the film note competent work with the visual video series.

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From the films of 2015 on the complexity of the performancespecial effects are prominently featured in the film "In the Heart of the Sea." The viewers' responses, however, turned out to be different: some note the monotonous light blue, greenish and yellow background of the work, which, with a long viewing, begins to annoy and annoy. Others, on the contrary, say that this is what the ocean should look like. Like, the color shades are matched correctly.

About nature

One of the most difficult questions raised in the film -it is an eternal problem of human-nature relations. The movie "In the Heart of the Sea", whose reviews were so ambiguous, demonstrates in principle a typical situation when people tried to challenge the formidable elements, but, as is usually the case in works of this genre, failed.

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Part of the audience says: the film convincingly showed the invincible power of the ocean and its inhabitant (in this case - the sperm whale), which once again proves the futility of human efforts in the confrontation with nature. Many users write that the objectivity and inevitability of such a clash has become one of the main ideas of the film "In the heart of the sea." Reviews of this audience can be summarized as follows: the whale protected its relatives and its natural habitat, so people themselves are to blame for the tragedy that happened, as they overestimated their strength. We can say that this component of the film is recognized by all and does not raise questions.

Place of tape in modern cinema: rating data

Despite the above controversial points,the picture as a whole is evaluated positively. On a ten-point scale an average of about seven and a half scored the film "In the heart of the sea." Trailer, reviews of which were also positive, met the expectations of the audience. The film took an honorable place in the rating and certainly became one of the most memorable paintings of last year, despite the fact that it was not presented to high awards. Perhaps, the film lacked originality - this is recognized by most viewers. Hence - not the maximum number of points in the rating.

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