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Almost 2000 thousand kilometers east of Moscow lies the ancient Russian city of Kurgan. Until 1738, the populated area was called Tsarevo Gorodishche, until 1782 - the Kurgan Sloboda, in 1782 Empress Catherine II granted the status of the city to the settlement and named it Kurgan. Since then, the city is actively developing not only in the scientific and production direction, but also in the cultural. Among the cultural objects the Kurgan drama theater occupies a significant place, which will be described in detail in the article.

History: how it all began

Kurgan drama theater

The question of the opening of the theater in Kurgan arose in 1943year at a meeting of the local regional executive committee. The decision was adopted and approved by the higher authority, since May 22, 1943 is considered the official date of birth of the Kurgan Drama Theater.

At first it was a branch of the Shadrinsky Theater. The collective played in the winter on the stage in the town of Shadrin, and in the summer - on the open ground in the native village. In 1944, a building with a stage was added to the building of the former Kurgan women's gymnasium, and the actors finally managed to find a house. The first performance staged here was Griboyedov's comedy "Woe from Wit". In 1953, the Kurgan drama theater changed its location: the troupe moved to the renovated building of the former People's House, where it is still.

Our days

Kurgan theater of drama photo

The theater is located in the center of the city in very beautifulThe building, which in itself is a landmark and a real decoration of the Barrow. Massive columns prop up the facade, together with stucco and a large number of windows, they give the building a solemn and monumental look. In the theater can simultaneously accommodate more than 500 spectators. In addition to the modern tiered ground floor, there is an amphitheater, balconies and lodges, and there is an excellent buffet.

Each season becomes an event for localtheater-goers. The hall is always full: the Kurgan drama theater is clearly not deprived of the love of the public. Also, this institution conducts theme nights and meetings with famous personalities, participates in contests, and tours Russia.

Commercial component

Modern realities require flexibility and the ability to survive. This learned the Kurgan drama theater. For additional payment, he offers such services:

  • reservation of the table in the buffet;
  • holding banquets and organizing celebrations. A beautifully decorated small hall with a capacity of 150 people is rented;
  • Rent directly theatrical hall for large-scale events: conferences, corporate meetings on a grand scale;
  • rent a noble blue hall for special occasions.

Of course, the need and desire to make money led to such a business approach to the Melpomene church. However, next to business, there is often no room for art.


Kurgan drama theater in the mound

Every season makes viewers happy with new bright colorsthe Kurgan Theater of Drama. Actors here work not only professional, but fully committed to their work, many of them have titles and regalia.

Honored artists of the Russian Federation, playing in the walls of the Kurgan drama theater:

  • Rudolf Iskakov.
  • Ivan Drobysh.
  • Sergey Radkov.

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Yuri Bodrov is in the troupe since 1975, and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Leonid Grushansky - since 1989.

In addition, such talented actors play on the stage:

  • Love Zhebotinskaya.
  • Anatoly Kononov.
  • Tatyana Terekhova.
  • Savin's Love.
  • Vasily Alexandrov.
  • Alexandra Shuparska.
  • Konstantin Galushin.
  • And others.

The main director of the theater since July 2014 appointed Zubzhitskaya IV. Also here are talented artists, musicians, technicians and other masters, without whom the creation of a wonderful performance is impossible.


The repertoire of the theater is simply huge. Only in the last, 73rd season, 264 spectators and 9 premiers were played here! Legendary became such productions:

  • "Ermak" (1963) - spectacular performance, which amazes in its scope and power;
  • "Truth and Kryvda" (1965) - another epic staging;
  • "The Dowry" (1969);
  • "Tartuffe" (1973);
  • "The Threepenny Opera "(1975);
  • "Windsor Mockers "(1991);
  • and others.

In 1993, the musical was staged here for the first time, and since then this practice has become regular.

The Kurgan drama theater, whose photo is in the article, today offers the audience such performances:

  • "Stubborn".
  • "The Magic Lamp of Aladdin."
  • "Morphine".
  • "Lend the tenor."
  • "Tartuffe".
  • "The Krause Family."
  • "Cripple from Inishmaan Island ".
  • "Hello I'm your aunt!"
  • And others.

Each performance has an age qualification: 0+, 12+, 16+ or 18+.

Prices for performances

kurgansky theater of drama

The average cost of tickets ranges from 150 to450 rubles, sometimes rises to 1000-1500 rubles. The price depends on the duration of the performance, its technical complexity, the location of the room in the hall (the stalls or the balcony), the age qualification.

Where is the Kurgan Theater of Drama

In Kurgan to the address: street Gogol, house 58 - the institution about which it is told in article is located. To get to the theater you can take buses Nos. 6, 7, 30, 31, 42, 301, 308, 312, 329, 336, 349 or 391. The stop is the "Drama Theater".

Today the Kurgan drama theater occupies a worthy place on the theatrical map of Russia. It is a living creative organism, constantly striving for new heights. </ span </ p>

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