Production and actors: "Rise from the depth"

American director Steven Sommers, knownviewers thanks to the paintings "Mummy" and "Van Helsing", in 1998 he first tried himself in the horror genre, having shot the film "Rise from the depths". How successful was this project? Who played the main roles? About this later in the article.

The creators of the film

Trit Williams and Kevin O "Connor played the mainrole in the picture. At that time, they were not the most famous actors. "Rise from the depths" did not become a breakthrough for them in their careers. After the shootings, Williams never again returned to the horror.

The main female role in the film was performed by Famke Janssen, the star of the film "The Golden Eye" directed by Martin Campbell.

Kevin O "Connor continued to work with Steven Sommers in the future, and he played small roles in his blockbuster" Mummy "and" Van Helsing ".

The roles of the second plan in the picture were performed by little-known Hollywood actors. "Rise from the depths" became the most notable project for Anthony Hild, Derrick O "Connor and Wes Studi.


Stephen Sommers planned to remove the horror titled "Tentacles" back in 1995. In the summer of 1996 the final version of the script was ready, and the name was changed to "Rise from the depths".

Initially, the main roles were to playother actors. "Rise from the depth," according to the idea of ​​Stephen Sommers, was to be the first horror in the career of Harrison Ford. But the actor rejected the proposals because of work on other films, and his place was taken by Trit Williams. This replacement made it possible to slightly reduce the budget of the picture.

Actors "Ascend from the depth"

The director planned that the main female rolewill perform Claire Forlani, but due to disagreements with the director, she left the project after several days of filming. Sommers decided to replace it with Famke Janssen. But after the triumph in the movie "Golden Eye" Famke became a very famous actress, and the producers doubted her candidacy. However, the role of Trillian, ultimately, went to her.


On a chic cruise ship you can meetvarious passengers - lazy rich men, criminals, thieves, scammers, honest guys, brave men and cowards. Soon all this diverse company will get acquainted with the monster, ready to tear to pieces, so inappropriately chosen this liner. To survive, the passengers and crew of the ship will have to join forces in the fight against an unthinkable monster. Even if they survive in a fight with a monster, they will never be able to forget this nightmare.

The film "Rise from the depths"


The film did not like the critics, but the audience appreciatedits above average. I liked them and the actors. "Rising from the depths" was pretty terrible for his time, which made him so attractive to fans of horror films.

In the commercial sense, "Rise from the depths" was a failed project. The subsequent films of Sommers were financially more successful.

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